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Synonyms for briar

Eurasian rose with prickly stems and fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers followed by scarlet hips

a very prickly woody vine of the eastern United States growing in tangled masses having tough round stems with shiny leathery leaves and small greenish flowers followed by clusters of inedible shiny black berries

evergreen treelike Mediterranean shrub having fragrant white flowers in large terminal panicles and hard woody roots used to make tobacco pipes

a pipe made from the root (briarroot) of the tree heath


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Briar Fields comprises ten beautifully appointed fourbedroomed homes, located in the picturesque village of Great Whittington, Northumberland.
I just important knows that alone, and will help Now the 42-yearold is proudly displaying his new tattoo of a brain shunt to show his daughter Briar that "she's not alone".
Woo comes to Sweet Briar by way of London, where she was the director of the International Higher Education Support Program at the Open Society Foundation from 2015 to 2017.
When Wi'was born I didn't realise While Briar arrived fit and well, tiny Willow was born seven minutes later struggling to breathe.
Today's longer trip will be a big help to Briar Hill.
Rogue US operative Sean Briar (Idris Elba), vows to apprehend Michael before an elite French SWAT team led by Rafi (Thierry Godard).
A game of cat and mouse between Briar, Michael and Rafi plays out around the arrondissements.
The contract includes work items on Briar Lane, Rosewood Lane, Rivendell Drive and Corduroy Road in the Village of Essex Junction.
Briar Chapel, an environmentally conscious, master-planned community gives residents access to more than 24 miles of trails and 10 distinct neighborhood parks.
Sweet Briar had about 530 students when the womens institution announced impending closure this spring.
To quote my daughter, Sarah Riggs Stapleton, a 2001 graduate of Sweet Briar College in Virginia: "Friends of women's colleges.
The Noel Meade-trained eightyear-old, who faces four rivals including the Willie Mullinstrained pair Briar Hill and Zaidpour, is well treated by the race conditions.
Lynette Ford; BEYOND THE BRIAR PATCH; Parkhurst Brothers Publishers (Nonfiction: Social Sciences) 17.
Beyond the Briar Patch: Affrilachian Folktales, Food and Folklore is an anthology of folklore, including animal/fool/trickster tales, drawn from African-American, Native-American, and European-American sources--a concoction she dubs "Affrilachain" (apparently a play on "Appalachian").
The heroine, Briar Rose, has been cursed to die on her 16th birthday but a bit of hoodoo magic means that she simply falls asleep.