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a combination brewery and restaurant

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Brewpubs that want to self-distribute must apply for a "craft brewers" license, and must produce any beer for self-distribution at a separate location from their licensed premises.
There is one part of the craft-beer market that is completely unlike the rest: brewpubs or brewery-restaurants, restaurants which brew their own beer and sell most, if not all, of it on-site.
The amended bill also removes the language allowing brewpubs to self distribute a small amount of beer (up to 50,000 gallons).
"Shipments" also refers to taxable removals at brewpubs. 2000 %change Company shipments in 2000 1 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
The brewpub segment saw 55 openings and 33 closings, but volume grew 6.9%.
After opening a record 17 brewpubs per year in 1998 and 1999, Hops Restaurant, Bar & Brewery slowed its opening pace to 10 new stores in 2000 and plans 4 new units in 2001.
The joined company will comprise a production brewery with a potential annual capacity of 60,000 barrels, three brewpubs, eight restaurants, and combined brewing production of nearly 40,000 barrels of craft beer in 2010.
Just as the craft brewing industry is maturing, a period of increased stability, so is its subcategory: brewpubs.
"I'm really excited about setting a new standard here, and increasing people's recognition of the Wynkoop as the oldest and biggest anchor of the Denver brewpub scene."
What's more, of all the beer that flowed from brewpubs last year, fully 20% (141,821 barrels) gushed from the top 10 brewpub groups (see sidebar).
While many women working in brewpubs say it is no big deal to be a female in the industry, Ten Fahrendorf, corporate brewmaster for Steelhead Brewery & Cafe, a chain of brewpubs headquartered in Eugene, OR, can remember when it was hard to convince people that a woman could do the job.
Empire, which also had operated brewpubs in Syracuse and Buffalo, filed for bankruptcy in 2003.
In 1998, says the IBS, 140 brewpubs and 45 microbreweries opened and 78 brewpubs and 44 microbreweries closed.
Collectively in 2004, Maine breweries and brewpubs made nearly 100,000 barrels of beer, or 3.1 million gallons.
When brewpubs first started popping up around the country, the novelty alone was enough to draw crowds.