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a combination brewery and restaurant

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"While we aren't a vegan specialist brewpub, we believe that good beer should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of your dietary requirements.
In addition to its Nantucket location, the brewery operates a brewpub in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and a pop-up pub in Boston, Massachusetts.
The brewpub at 1900 Northwest Expressway opened in 1995.
The launch follows recent 2017 openings for the ambitious brewpub group in Nottingham, Lichfield and Bournemouth.
The MEDC has also launched a dedicated "Brewpub Wanted" webpage, which outlines some of the benefits of opening a brewpub in Marlborough.
To comply with Illinois law, the brewpub will now be reclassified as a tap-room, and will not longer serve wine or spirits.
Add food trucks or cooperating local restaurants to the mix, and a rnicrobrewery can offer the amenities of a brewpub, without the headache of running a kitchen.
Under the new rules, the cap on brewpub production doubled, growing from 5,000 barrels a year to 10,000.
HUDSON -- A former IT professional with home brewing experience will be opening a brewpub in downtown Hudson.
Some 22 years later, in 1990, John opened the Broad Ripple Brewpub in Indianapolis, Indiana.
PUB operator Greenan Blueaye has invested around PS750,000 in plans to create Newcastle's first brewpub in an innovative partnership with Wylam Brewery.
Marketed as BeerRun, BrewPub, BrewX ERP and the Distributor Relationship Management System, these solutions provide brewmasters and their distributors with a single, turnkey database batch/process solution capable of managing their manufacturing and distribution operations with greatly enhanced efficiency, productivity and cost reduction.
Brewpub operators need to consider the geographic location and consumer demographics of each establishment when determining what type of food to include on the menu.
Tod Mott, head brewer of the Portsmouth Brewery, left the brewpub's kegs on July 19, taking his famous "Kate the Great" imperial stout with him.