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a plant where beer is brewed by fermentation

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I've worked here 38 years and, at the brewery, we're all like family.
Theakston's Brewery IN Masham you have the choice of not just one but two brewery tours - Theakston's Brewery, left, is a short stroll away from the Black Sheep Brewery.
Features of the new brewery will include a 2,000 sq.
The interest in visiting the brewery in Velke Popovice is on the rise.
1917: Brewery merges with Walkers of Warrington to become Walker Cains.
Samuel Arthur absorbed another Cardiff favourite, Thomas's Brewery and, in passing, cemented the deal by marrying Mis Fanny E Thomas, daughter of the owner.
The brewery, in Sandy Mount Road, Walsall has been making beer since 1899, but has had a troubled time in recent years, coming close to closure on more than one occasion.
To be unambiguous, a large-scale brewery site would contain storage vats and fermenting pots much larger than for home use and kilns that could heat large volumes of liquid.
At the 2001 Great American Beer Festival, it was voted "best mid-sized brewery in the U.
But you couldn't blame visitors for coveting what they saw at the Brewery Artist Colony, a 23-acre cultural compound that bills itself as the world's largest of its kind.
In the news release, Genesee Brewery Builds Giant Beer Keg Christmas Tree to Light Up the Holiday Season, issued Dec.
Breweries have popped up across the UK in the most unusual of places - from a beer brewing pizzeria (CRATE Brewery in London) to a transformed Dairy Farm (Malt Brewery in Prestwood, Buckinghamshire) and a converted school outbuilding (Old School Brewery in Warton Lancashire).
Nigerian Breweries said, The two Sona Systems breweries in Ota and Kaduna as well as Life s brewery in Onitsha have become part of the Nigerian Breweries family.
Tom Pastorius, the founder of the Penn Brewery of Pittsburgh, PA, has joined with a group of investors to buy back the brewery from Birchmere Capital.