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(Roman Catholic Church) a book of prayers to be recited daily certain priests and members of religious orders

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Katherine Elliot van Liere's excellent essay on "Catholic Reform of the Divine Office in the Sixteenth Century: The Breviary of Cardinal Francisco de Quinones" examines the acceptance of and resistance to a papal-sponsored revision of the central prayer of the Church to accommodate a changed world.
Almost all the motets set Latin texts from the Proper of the Mass or the breviary, but the collection is not ordered liturgically, nor does it provide motets systematically for every day in the church calendar.
Exsultemus: Rejoicing with God in the Hymns of the Roman Breviary.
Nigel Palmer edits some fragments of a breviary with interlinear translations, but once again offers more in his brief but significant considerations of the function of the German text and its possible origins with regular canonesses.
His routine revolved around a daily schedule of reading from the Roman breviary, meditation, fasting, and the study of early church Fathers.
He began his day praying privately his Breviary, the shortened (abbreviated) version of the Divine Office sung by the monks.
I've lost weight; adopted exercise regimes; committed to recycling; ended debilitating relationships; vowed to read a book a month; killed my TV; stopped shopping as a form of entertainment; and taken up in turns the breviary, the rosary, meditation, and daily Mass.
Appendix B furnishes the structure of the Ambrosian Vespers, and items for the most important feste de precetto as indicated in the 1582 breviary and the 1619 Pontificalia; the significance and liturgical implications of the Pontificalia are carefully described earlier.
To these publications we can now add the Breviarium notatum Strigoniense, a black-and-white facsimile in the series Musicalia Danubiana of the earliest notated manuscript of the Esztergom tradition and one of the earliest Hungarian breviaries--a large, thirteenth-century parchment choir-book breviary with musical notation for secular (nonmonastic) use, now located in the Strahovska knihovna (Strahov Abbey Library) of Prague with the shelf mark DE.
Thomas Aquinas: A Breviary of Philosophy from the Works of St.
Or so we infer from the bizarre spectacle of intellectual hoopla that has welcomed the arrival of a fancy "gift" edition of The Communist Manifesto, gotten up to look like the breviary of some Palm Springs religious sect, on the 150th anniversary of its original publication.
Consequently, it will be useful to look widely at all the variations on the basic liturgical material that have come down to us: those in the three extant secular rites of Sarum, York and Hereford, and also in the monastic rite, for which we will take the Breviary of Hyde Abbey and the Westminster Missal as representative.
The document also affirms that the Breviary in effect in 1962 can be used today, and that the liturgies of the Sacred Triduum can be celebrated in the extraordinary form.
Taft argues, secondly, that the Liturgy of the Hours, despite its title, "is no liturgy at all, but still a breviary or book of prayers.
The elderly Carroll is portrayed with his bishop's cross prominent, a breviary in his lap, and books in the background reflecting the many educational institutions he helped found.