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(Roman Catholic Church) a book of prayers to be recited daily certain priests and members of religious orders

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One aim of the Breviary was to defend the traditional British history popularised by Geoffrey of Monmouth - which traced the earliest kings of Britain to the Trojan exile Brutus - against the Italian humanist historian Polydore Vergil, "who sought not only to obscure the glory of the British name, but also to defame the Britons themselves with slanderous lies".
D'Annunzio, Decadence, Breviary, II piacere, Manifesto
Yes, I use the breviary and rosary and believe in the Eucharistic Sacrifice; but I give novenas, adorations and Corpus Christi processions a very wide margin.
Returning to its cultural significance, Singing Jeremiah is an encyclopedic study of what early modern Catholics not only listened to on the days leading up to the Easter Vigil, but how they understood the texts that they heard as they anticipated the hour when "[the] night shall be as bright as day" (my trans.; original in Exultet in The Daily Missal and Liturgical Manual with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts from the Editio Typica of the Roman Missal and Breviary, 1962 [London: Baronius Press, 20014], 599).
They pray the breviary (Liturgy of the Hours) and celebrate Mass.
After that, they looked at the special collections (which are historical artifacts) including letters from King Henry VIII, a monk's breviary, socks thought to have belonged to a murderer, and Elizabeth Blackwell's Curious Herbal.
9.INS (2015), Romania in cifre, breviar statistic (Romania in Figures, Statistical Breviary),
Most relate to the Church: there is a Bible, biblical commentaries, theological works, works on Church history and canon law, a missal, a breviary, two psalters, a benedictional, and three Books of Hours.
In addition to fabulous, lovingly presented entrees, this herb breviary contains many handy special tips and cooking techniques, plus basic recipes for different stocks and court -bouillon, with step by step photo-illustrations of specific butchering or deboning techniques.
He did not want to go: sitting in "an overheated second-class coach with his breviary, he glumly watched England slide past his window." His dark moods increased in Dublin.
Among the aspects of the repertory which Marin highlights are the unusually comprehensive collection of Vespers psalmody (by Hernando Franco) preserved in MexC 11, and the updating during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of the polyphonic hymn repertory to reflect the changes introduced (for example) in the Breviary of Urban VIII in 1632; prominent within this hymn repertory--and subject to revision for the reason just mentioned--are the hymn settings by Francisco Guerrero published in the Liber vesperarum of 1584.
It was for this reason that for the next three hundred years they were preserved as an appendix to the Breviary together with other prayers that would be useful and easily accessible to a priest in his daily ministry.
Rather, he said, the bag merely contained a razor, his breviary prayer book, his agenda and a book on St Terese of Lisieux.
He said the bag merely contained a razor, his breviary prayer book, his agenda and a book on St.
This volume of the Breviary begins Szentkuthy's criticai examination of two millennia of European culture by focusing on salient figures, the lens in this case being Casanova's Memoirs.