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(Roman Catholic Church) a book of prayers to be recited daily certain priests and members of religious orders

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Breviaries at Poissy, including these, were inscribed in the fifteenth century with the names of a pair of owners, who presumably had entered together and were destined to sit side by side daily in the choir stalls until one either succeeded to a special office or died.
The frequent inclusion in Brigittine breviaries of SS.
Muir notes of this responsory that "the Liber [responsalis] has the verse 'Formavit igitur ut supra'; a similar verse is used for this responsory in Hartker's Antiphonary, (a tenth-century text which, like the Liber, begins the Genesis readings on Sexagesima Sunday) but many medieval breviaries have the same verse as Hyde Abbey" (Liturgy and Drama, 7).
Alongside the scenes of killings and torture, there are also, however, the "Incantations" of Moussempes's work, the psalms, the evocations of an excommuniante, the references to "la grace des damnes," to churches, altars, breviaries, white pages, prayers, celestial offerings, solar hymns, and silent vespers.
His collection of microfilms is legendary, not only for its wealth of musical sources from Spain, Portugal and the New World, but for its painstakingly collected treasure of liturgical books -- breviaries, missals, processionals, customaries and the like.
Schroth sees as crucial for what was to come: "They meditated, said Mass, examined their consciences, and read their breviaries every day; but they were too busy finding God on the streets to spend another four or five hours a day in church." This pragmatic spirit pervades Fr.
One entire room is dedicated to work by or linked to de Lohny, including designs for chasubles (Cathedral of S Maria, Aosta), breviaries (Waiters Art Gallery, Baltimore) and a striking Trinity (Museo Civico d'Arte Antica).
(129) Of the fifty-nine printed Roman breviaries surveyed by Hanns Bohatta that bear an indeterminate date or a date between 1501 and 1518 and whose format he indicated, thirteen were in 4[degrees], thirty in 8[degrees], eleven in 12[degrees], four in 16[degrees], and one in 24[degrees]--see Bohatta, 1-8.
As such, it will prove useful tot teaching as well as research, since notated breviaries are not accessible outside of research libraries and are rarely available on microfilm at reasonable cost, given their many folios.
What I thought about was how irritated I have always been by all the breviaries I've used.