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(plural) the lay members of a male religious order

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O my brethren, are ye also evil enough for THIS truth?
O my brethren, is not everything AT PRESENT IN FLUX?
The thawing wind bloweth!"--Thus preach, my brethren, through all the streets!
O my brethren, concerning the stars and the future there hath hitherto been only illusion, and not knowledge; and THEREFORE concerning good and evil there hath hitherto been only illusion and not knowledge!
--Or was it a sermon of death that called holy what contradicted and dissuaded from life?--O my brethren, break up, break up for me the old tables!
Therefore, O my brethren, a NEW NOBILITY is needed, which shall be the adversary of all populace and potentate rule, and shall inscribe anew the word "noble" on new tables.
O my brethren, I consecrate you and point you to a new nobility: ye shall become procreators and cultivators and sowers of the future;--
O my brethren, not backward shall your nobility gaze, but OUTWARD!
But to eat and drink well, my brethren, is verily no vain art!
O my brethren, there is much wisdom in the fact that much filth is in the world!--
--Shatter, shatter, O my brethren, those old tables of the pious!
Break up for me, O my brethren, break up also that NEW table!
O my brethren, a fresh blustering wind cometh Zarathustra unto all way- weary ones; many noses will he yet make sneeze!
O my brethren, there are tables which weariness framed, and tables which slothfulness framed, corrupt slothfulness: although they speak similarly, they want to be heard differently.--
Only, my brethren, see that ye scare the dogs away from him, the idle skulkers, and all the swarming vermin:--