brent goose

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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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Brent Geese are a protected species and we need to do what we can to ensure their survival against the odds that they face," said Kendrew Colhoun, lead scientist with the Brent Goose Project.
Strangford Lough is by far the most important site in the world for the eastern Canadian population of the Light-bellied Brent Goose.
The Brent field which produces Brent crude, used as a benchmark for world oil prices, is named after the Brent goose - in keeping with operator Shell Expro's predilection for naming fields after birds.
A couple of Arctic Terns were very late visitors to Holyhead, while Pale-bellied Brent Goose numbers near 200 in Beddmanarch Bay.
A similar bird, the Brent goose, migrates from Ireland to Canada, but cannot climb as well as their bar-headed cousins.
According to Louise McRae, "Migratory Arctic species such as brent goose, dunlin and turnstone are regular visitors to the UK's shores.
Phil Davey, site manager of the Lindisfarne reserve, said "Appropriate management of farmland is critical to the wellbeing of goose species and with the co-operation of local farmers, this scheme will benefit the rare light-bellied brent goose.
The Brent Goose, a protected species in Ireland, the UK and Iceland lives on Irish shores through the winter, migrating in late spring on a hazardous journey to their breeding grounds in Canada.
OSCAR, a Brent goose fitted with a satellite tracking system is puzzling scientists as it has decided so far not to fly and be part of an international study into the 4,500-mile migration route of the birds.
A snow bunting was a nice find on Kinmel beach where a juvenile Brent goose remains, presumed unwell.
Lindisfarne also often has half the population of the brent goose - one of the most threatened goose species in the world.
Ulster's Mr Green, Brian Black - you know what I mean - went on the trail of the lonesome Brent goose.
Few will make it to North Wales, but a pale-bellied brent goose from Greenland was an early arrival at Foryd Bay.
A spoonbill was again at Anglesey's Malltraeth Cob, Mediterranean gulls were reported from the Alaw estuary, Traeth Dulas and Abergwyngregyn, with an early brent goose also there.
For species such as the grey plover and dark-bellied brent goose, whose populations peaked in the early 1990s, after long periods of increase, numbers are now declining steadily.