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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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Study of the breeding ecology and behaviour of the Svalbard population of light-bellied brent goose Branta bernicla hrota.
After making a perilous 8,000km return-trip, negotiating oceans, continents, hunters and wild animals, in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, the Brent Goose has made it back to Ulster's shores.
The cash has been used to safeguard a variety of creatures, including such birds as the golden plover and dark-bellied Brent goose.
Of all the birds that take part in these migrations, the eastern Canadian population of the Light-bellied Brent Goose is arguably Ireland's most important species.
The Brent field which produces Brent crude, used as a benchmark for world oil prices, is named after the Brent goose - in keeping with operator Shell Expro's predilection for naming fields after birds.
Key words: Branta bernicla; Brent Goose; brown hare; competition; facilitation; herbivores; Lepus europaeus; Netherlands; salt marsh; shrub.
A similar bird, the Brent goose, migrates from Ireland to Canada, but cannot climb as well as their bar-headed cousins.
According to Louise McRae, "Migratory Arctic species such as brent goose, dunlin and turnstone are regular visitors to the UK's shores.
Phil Davey, site manager of the Lindisfarne reserve, said "Appropriate management of farmland is critical to the wellbeing of goose species and with the co-operation of local farmers, this scheme will benefit the rare light-bellied brent goose." Andy Richardson of McCreath Simpson Prentice said: "The barley we supply will allow the geese to graze without damaging valuable agricultural crops nearby."
The Brent Goose, a protected species in Ireland, the UK and Iceland lives on Irish shores through the winter, migrating in late spring on a hazardous journey to their breeding grounds in Canada.
Colonies of the snow goose Anser caerulescens, brent goose Branta bernicla and eider Somateria mollissima near the snowy owl nests on Wrangel Island.
OSCAR, a Brent goose fitted with a satellite tracking system is puzzling scientists as it has decided so far not to fly and be part of an international study into the 4,500-mile migration route of the birds.
Barnacle geese and brent geese used the area at different times of the year: all goose droppings found between 18 April and July were regarded as brent goose droppings, whereas all others were considered barnacle goose droppings.
Yn y gaeaf, fe fydd tua tair mil o wyddau duon (Branta bernicla; Brent goose) yn cyrraedd ac yn bwyta gwellt y gamlas (Zostera marina: Eel grass) sy'n tyfu yma.