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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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Brent Geese spend a lot of time feeding - particularly at night when there is a full moon.
Currently Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is home to around half of the total world population of light bellied brent geese.
A pale-bellied brent geese at Morfa Bychan was colour ringed on Axel Heiberg Island, high in the Canadian Arctic.
POET Katrina Porteous, from Beadnell in Northumberland, has contributed verses to Birds and People about brent geese on Holy Island sands.
And 33 Brent geese were at Hilbre Island, Wirral, on April 15 whilst an Iceland gull, 50 little gulls and 30 common terns passed on April 17.
Freezing conditions on the Continent have driven about 4,000 light-bellied brent geese on to Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve.
A long tailed duck was off Hilbre on New Year's Day with over 100 brent geese and the wintering purple sandpiper flock.
The first flock of light-bellied brent geese has arrived back at the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve after their breeding season on the Arctic island of Svalbard.
We turn our attention to the birds on view and quickly see pale-breasted brent geese, red-breasted mergansers and goldeneye.
The farm is part of both the Entry and Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Schemes and its environmental work includes providing winter grazing habitats for Brent geese.
Golden plover are mixed in with a large flock of lapwing, little egrets and greenshank feed in the creeks, and over 100 brent geese are at the mouth of the bay.
There's wet grassland for wading birds and fields of crop stubble for the internationally important Light Bellied Brent Geese that spend the winter months at Lindisfarne.
Brent geese, both pale and dark bellied types, continue to be seen in Foryd Bay where at least three little egrets can be found.
To feed the large number of Brent geese which over-winter in the area, a field is cast in the autumn with winter barley seed provided free by Mcreath Simpson and Prentice in Berwick.
Dark bellied Brent geese fed on the marsh, while avocets swept through the water.