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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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WTI and Brent crude prices have increased 21.34 percent and 12.32 percent, respectively, so far this year, falling from their peak levels in April when the growth of WTI hit over 40 percent, and Brent crude over 30 percent.
Peter Stephenson, founder and Executive Chairman of Able UK, said: "The Brent decommissioning project is the most significant project of its type to date and the fact that Able was selected against an initial longlist of 131 potential disposal yards demonstrates the reputation we have established through our long track record of working with many of the world's major offshore energy companies.
The Brent field lies about 115 miles north-east of Shetland and started production in 1976.
The Brent field lies about 115 miles northeast of Shetland and started production in 1976.
The Brent/WTI spread narrowing comes as US output rises, and his is causing US storage capacity to fill as US shale exports are less competitive compared with Brent related crude.
For home and auto insurance in Tulsa and surrounding areas, contact Brent Hagar's State Farm Insurance Agency today.
David Brent lives out his rock star dreams - with hilarious consequences
After a volatile week, Brent was set for a 1.6 percent weekly rise and WTI 1.8 percent.
For proof you can just read this latest issue, another award-winner in my humble opinion, and take my word that it's not me but Brent who knows the science behind modern waders or which photographers shoot the best duck dog photos.
A McLaren sports car driver has been hit with a [pounds sterling]450 bill after thevehicle was towed away by Brent Policeon Wednesday (March 21).
Bids were invited for four cargoes and in response foreign companies made offers in the range of 13.2% to 16% of Brent crude oil price,' said a senior government official while talking to The Express Tribune.
According to a senior govt official, state-owned Pakistan LNG Limited was compelled to cancel two LNG ships due to higher quoted prices and bids were received from foreign companies which offered prices in range of 13.2 percent to 16 percent of Brent crude oil price.
SHELLSHOCKED Brent Amerman checked into rehab and knew his crazy days of wild partying with socialite pal Lady Victoria Hervey were over.