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the craniometric point at the junction of the sagittal and coronal sutures at the top of the cranium

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The thickness at the temporal line (LTL and RLT) increased with age, whereas the thickness near the bregma (RB and LB) decreased.
The surgical procedures were also identical, except that KA was infused into the VTA with a 5 [micro]L Hamilton syringe over a 2-min period at the following coordinates: VTA (n=25): -4.4 mm posterior to bregma and 0.5 mm from the midline, with infusions at a depth of 7.6 mm (0.2 [micro]L per site) from the skull surface.
A total of 2.1 mL of 5% FluoroGold (Fluorochrome, Denver, CO, USA) was injected bilaterally at 5.5 mm caudal to the bregma, 1.2 mm lateral to the midline, and 4.5 mm in depth from the skull surface.
The hematoma volume was quantified using coronal sections at 28 rostral-caudal levels that were spaced every 270 [micro]m from +2.04 mm to -5.52 mm relative to the bregma. The volume measurement was computed by summation of the areas multiplied by the interslice distance (270 [micro]m).
antero-posterior -0,40 mm del Bregma; 1,2 mm lateral, (ICV) (8,9) y anteroposterior = +1,2; Lateral = +2,8; Ventral = -5,5 (IE) (16, 17) respectivamente.
The following stereotaxic coordinates were used in relation to the bregma: +0.7 mm lateral, +2.5 mm anterior, and 4.0 mm deep from the pial surface in the dorsoventral axis [44].
The right parietal bone was drilled to obtain a shallow hole, located 5 mm laterally and 1 mm posteriorly to the bregma, and the probe of Laser-Doppler flowmetry (DRT4, Moor Instruments Inc., Wilmington, USA) was placed inside the hole.
The region was restricted to rostral-caudal coordinates -0.6 to -0.68 mm relative to the bregma of the left or right side of the POAAHA region [16].
A concentric stimulating electrode (FHC, USA) was placed at the Schaffer collateral/commissural pathway (2.0 mm posterior to bregma and 1.5 mm lateral to the midline).
U.S.A] and after cleaning the point target on the surface of the skull and determining the Bregma and Lambda areas, by using Atlas (Paxinos Atlas) as the reference coordinates of the mPFC area (AP =3.2, DV = 2.5 and L = 0.6), the mPFC nucleus was destroyed.
Based on bregma for stereotaxic surgery (21), the rats were first anesthetized with an intraperitoneal combination of ketamine (50 mg/kg) and xylazine (10 mg/kg) and then their heads were fixed in a stereotaxic apparatus.
Brain tissue was sampled 1.5 mm posterior to the bregma and processed for preparing paraffin sections according to routine protocols.
Usually the animals were anesthetized with ip pentobarbital (50 mg/kg bw) and a 20-gauge stainless guide cannula was positioned stereotaxically above a lateral cerebral ventricle at the following coordinates: 1.7 mm lateral to the midline, 0.4 mm posterior to the bregma, 3.0 mm from the cranial theca.
The coordinates for the implantation relative to the bregma were as follows: Anteriorly 1.4 mm, and laterally 0.7 mm and 3.6 mm below the dorsal skull surface [Supplementary Figure S2].