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Synonyms for breeziness

a mildly windy state of the air


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a breezy liveliness

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This is Tatyana Tolstaya, the swerve and cackle, the breeziness and dark depths, the whoosh of time passing, the torrents of language and the offhand perfect touch--the dust on the road that falls like flour, the two lovely bream, mother and daughter, in the fishmonger's window, the three-square-meter living space in a communal apartment.
It's a divertingly funny movie, but its breeziness can also feel overstated, at times glib and a bit of a dodge.
I had always admired the casual, breeziness of department store sales reps who, from head to toe, from coif to boot, were utterly exotic to me.
Think bahay-kubo whose materials and design allow 'breeziness, airiness and porosity.'
Alternate being on top for optimal breeziness. Switch it up with some side-plank humps.
Within the span of a 30-minute conversation, Rotchford, the executive vice president in capital markets for Cushman and Wakefield, discussed complex financial instruments, like total return swaps and preferred leverage, with a breeziness more appropriate for a Sunday brunch conversation about the Mets.
These elements then combined with the coordinated veneers, finishes, stone work and flooring to create the feel of "mid-century-modern simplicity and breeziness" that the Demkos had envisioned at the outset of the project.
Norris's writing style has a breeziness that makes all of this material go down easily.
And that style, which she devoted to her debut album on the Kalan and Double Moon labels, "YaE-amak: To Live with the Words of Nazym Hikmet" (with her own songs and two by ZE-lfE- Livaneli), captures the same wistful breeziness that belies a painful undercurrent, such as the opening words of "YaE-amak" -- "to live, to live like a tree."
Breeziness: Even though some other parts of the country (especially in the West) may have all the attributes listed above, they typically lack a very important contributor to comfort when outdoors in the summer, and that is air movement.
While holding his friend's eyeball he asks, 'What am I supposed to do with this gob-stopper?' (ED 55) (49) Here the apparent breeziness of the slang contrasts with Prior's shaking hand holding the eyeball after a shell attack obliterates any trace of his friend, which highlights the collapse of normal language in war to express abnormal harrowing situations.
He combines the cosmopolitan breeziness of O'Hara's Personism with the trademark humor of Ted Berrigan and Ron Padgett.
The Met Office has confirmed that South Wales can expect rain, heavy at times, with some torrential downpours and breeziness before brightening from this afternoon.
Catherine Stornetta directs the inspired Robert Lopez score (itself a deserving Tony winner) with the kind of breeziness that perfectly complements the show's even-handed tone.