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Synonyms for breeziness

a mildly windy state of the air


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a breezy liveliness

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The unforced breeziness about the melodies masquerades as simplicity.
He combines the cosmopolitan breeziness of O'Hara's Personism with the trademark humor of Ted Berrigan and Ron Padgett.
ED 55) (49) Here the apparent breeziness of the slang contrasts with Prior's shaking hand holding the eyeball after a shell attack obliterates any trace of his friend, which highlights the collapse of normal language in war to express abnormal harrowing situations.
The Met Office has confirmed that South Wales can expect rain, heavy at times, with some torrential downpours and breeziness before brightening from this afternoon.
Catherine Stornetta directs the inspired Robert Lopez score (itself a deserving Tony winner) with the kind of breeziness that perfectly complements the show's even-handed tone.
Ferguson, a Scotland native who teaches history at Harvard and is a research fellow at Oxford University, lays out his observations and arguments with an erudition that is enviable in its breeziness, sweep and confidence.
Janacek's operas cannot make do with the breeziness and routine that can be "endured" by plain impressive Romantic scores and that have become so domesticated in our operatic climes.
Following the long-delayed first publication in 1984 of Mr Noon in both its parts, all readers must, I think, have wondered at the satirical breeziness and the at times almost cynical combativeness of the writing, especially in Part I, which is set in the narrow Eastwood environment in which Lawrence had grown up.
cosmopolitanism's breeziness, the sisters settle upon a promising,
Their lyrics had an addictive breeziness and a universality that made them instant hits in our part of the world.
Lin Carter had the breadth of reading and the breeziness of style, but not the depth or the critical acumen: he was an enthusiast, not a scholar.
He dispensed with political dogma (primary stimulus) in favor of the purported breeziness of the vignette (secondary stimulus).
At their second meeting, Jason's mood is considerably altered from his breeziness of the day before, and the narrator notes that Dorinda should realize "that a nature so impressionable must be lacking in stability," though her "joy in his presence" (62) prevents her from doing so.
After verbal sparring and some marijuana, Mailer was exposed to what he later, smilingly, called: "Skellings formidable breeziness," and at its inception, instant friendship.
Diode We're all in her debt Dismantle Royal robes Disfrock her dress Disfigure her shape underneath Disgust her air, her breeziness Disgrace her shy elegance Displeasure charity work and love of all sorts Dissect her fanatical following and many Diapers Distinct the Queen's opinion Dispersion No, she's Englishy.