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"We have all the products--the primer, waterproofing membranes, and mastic --that contractors need for balcony and breezeway applications," said TAMKO's Corporate Director of Waterproofing, Erik Flick.
It became apparent after a time that the painter had dipped his brush in both types of material when painting the walls of the breezeway. The result is that one wall was painted with the area covered with Cabot finish and is still tacky to this day.
"The flip chart can be used in many locations around the farm including the breezeway, outside, in the barracks, anywhere," said Nieto-Montenegro.
The roofline respects the original architecture, and the roofline used for the bonus room was repeated for the breezeway. This choice, as well as using bluestone for the flooring to match the stone on the existing patio, makes a comfortable transition between the spaces.
The design's celebration of outdoor living becomes most apparent late on a summer afternoon when children and dogs romp on the lawn as grown-ups watch from their seats on the wall, while dessert and coffee beckon from the breezeway. The scene perfectly illustrates one of the architects' favorite sayings from the Maybeck era: "Hillside architecture is landscape gardening around a few rooms for use in case of rain."
From there, it is a gentle climb to the breezeway on the main floor.
Delta also said the new lanes, called Breezeway, are aimed at recognising Delta's best customers for their loyalty and give them priority boarding at airports in the United States.
Retailer, Target, has added a surprising element to the restoration with The Target Breezeway, a space that showcases state-of-the-art motion-detection technology.
In turn these are linked by an external gallery - a breezeway - a favourite Meier device that occurs over and over again from the early Saltzman House, through the Weishaupt Forum (AR March 1994) to culminate in the Getty.
Now the veranda can be used as a sheltered breezeway connecting all the bedrooms.
Winrock's two-story facility has a "gull wing" roof that is split into two glass pavilions divided by a breezeway. Within the breezeway is a cistern for collecting rain water, which will provide much of the water needed for irrigating the grounds.
A breezeway separates the two halves of the building - on the one side a workshop/studio, on the other the living area.
Originally, two separate wings were linked by an open breezeway. This was fine in summer.
"The fire started in the breezeway and just took the rest of the house," Chief Maynard said.
Transforming a breezeway into usable, practical space gave Helen and Tony Norman of Riverside, California, the chance to add on a home office they'd long wanted.