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Synonyms for breezeless

marked by an absence of circulating air

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As hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees cough and slow-bake while inhaling rancid camp air in Lebanon's sweltering breezeless heat, the White House has now sent Lebanon's Parliament a message.
We tried a morning visit a week ago, but on a breezeless day it was too hot even by 11am and we had to retreat to the airconditioned comfort of home, which is thankfully just around the corner.
Hot nights and breezeless days may have been relieved with iced tea or cold beer, but tempers have remained unquenched this year, mostly due to the fear that life will end if President Obama's health-care policies are put into law.
It is a quiet noon-scene among the isles of the Pacific; a French whaler anchored, inshore, in a calm, and lazily taking water on board; the loosened sails of the ship, and the long leaves of the palms in the background, both drooping together in the breezeless air.
I, on the other hand, spent those four breezeless days cursing myself for ever thinking I could get any useful work from a force of nacre as mercurial as the wind.
We'd put a new roof on it a few weeks back when July was hot and breezeless, the two of us on ladders side by side, and as I'd reached for a nail I thought of what I'd done on the bed below and who I'd done it with.
In this careless summary of Wordsworth's sublime, Klitgard seems to forget his disappointment at Mont Blanc, and to conflate other moments from The Prelude--perhaps the epiphanic scene at the peak of Mount Snowdon on "a close, warm, breezeless summer night" (XIV.11) has merged with the scene of the girl "who bore a pitcher on her head," "her garments vexed and tossed/By the strong wind" (XII.251; 260-1)?
That means on breezeless afternoons, the temperature in summer can get hotter than the Med and the normally grey sea shimmers in the sun, totally calm.
But, breezeless as the tunnels are, the blackness suffocates the fragile flame and we have to resort to our helmet lights as we trudge back towards daylight.
On a breezeless summer day under the hot Georgia sun, the interior of a school bus can reach 125 degrees, even with doors and windows open.
A warm, humid, and breezeless evening, eight degrees above the equator, in a lush tropical environment.
On this breezeless August day, it covers an area the size of Connecticut.
Standing alone in the street and "trembling in despair" he feels a "drop of pity" -- a tear -- "falling in a breezeless, cloudless sky." "There was only a Presence" (422) are his concluding words.
As he learns more about hurricanes and wind speeds, Perry - whose life until then has been as calm as a breezeless summer's day - finds himself facing threats and dangers back home as deadly as anything nature can produce.