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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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The preservation of these old picture houses should be made a prime goal - especially if their replacements will resemble the three new blocks of appallingly, cheap-looking, breeze-block student flats that now lie between Lime Street station and the Adelphi Hotel.
Once I had got through the 45-minute queue to register in what appeared to be no-more than a large leisure centre, I was almost reduced to tears when directed to our home for the weekend - a dismal grey breeze-block building with a battered front door, sticking out of the sand dunes.
Also single garage, large breeze-block outbuilding with power and light.
I intend to counteract this nonsense by releasing a breeze-block size work that will prove the opposite is true.
Breeze-block thrown through window of Bridgecroft Wines on Savile Street.
Animal welfare officers tucked his ears in and nudged him back and forth until he was unplugged from his breeze-block collar.
"I thought at the time that it was incredible that a breeze-block extension had to have planning permission, but that is what we were told.
The virtually derelict building by the River East Allen fitted the brewing dream and plans for a 10-barrel plant (360 gallon capacity) became breeze-block reality last August.
A sailor from HMS Illustrious was injured after a youth threw a breeze-block at his head as he was returning home on shore-leave.
And the big change happened overnight, with no warning or clue as to who might be responsible for the work to the breeze-block stop in Llangeitho,near Tregaron.
I must have tapped a little too hard as I chipped a breeze-block nearby And decided I might as well remove this as well, though I later wondered why.
The six-year-old boy died after a breeze-block wall collapsed on him as he tried to retrieve a football in Colchester on Sunday.
THIS is William Eastwood, described last night by his heartbroken mum as her "little angel" after his tragic death when a breeze-block wall collapsed on the six-year-old as he scaled it to retrieve his football.