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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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The materials you'll need: Bricks (counted by using the rest of the wall as a guide - remember to use double if it's a solid wall); breeze blocks if required; cement - one 20kg bag per 0.75m2 of a single skin brick wall.
Police found "considerable damage" in the restaurant's office, with breeze block rubble on the floor from a hole in the wall.
Build a planter with bare or plastered breeze blocks, cemented together and filled with soil.
And a spot of blood found on one of the breeze blocks led forensic scientists to match his DNA.
The freak accident happened when grey breeze blocks plunged onto a pavement where the toddler and her mother were walking.
Some of the cottage dates from the 15th Century but the wall where a builder cut the letter box is a recent addition made of breeze blocks.
Tina Brown (36), from Basildon, Essex, threw breeze blocks at police lines on two occasions and was among a crowd which broke into an office building during the Stop the City demonstration on June 18.
If your outer wall is rendered or dashed, I'd recommend of bricks on the outside skin and build the internal skin with breeze blocks. The gap between the breeze blocks and the bricks makes the cavity.
It was after the original maze structure had been built out of breeze blocks that an inspection found it would be unsuitable for young people.
Supporters helped to clear the breeze blocks from the pitch and were thanked by referee Nick Pratt before the resumption of the game.
A STREET was left strewn with glass, broken breeze blocks and blood after a brawl that saw three men hospitalised with puncture wounds.
A TAXI driver killed a Coventry woman and dumped her body in a canal before weighing it down with breeze blocks, a court was told.
Seamus Fox, 58, was beaten with breeze blocks as he walked home from his weekly darts practice in West Belfast.
"But when they re-modelled the club after the fire earlier this year, they took the breeze blocks out and re-instated the side windows.
Breeze blocks and mounds of earth caved in on Ffordd Penrhwylfa, Prestatyn, killing toddler Meg Burgess as she walked by.