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She said they carried out three cycles of fogging operation to destroy the breeding grounds that were found near the workers' barracks.
They have also alerted the disaster councils and the local government units to help spread the information for the need to maintain cleanliness by destroying possible breeding grounds.
There must also be sustained campaign activities not only to eliminate the breeding grounds but also to educate the residents on how, on their own, they can be able to at least mitigate the prevalence of the illness.
Ratanakkiri provincial health department director Ung Ratana also pointed to tyres holding water as breeding grounds for the mosquito.
He admitted that the breeding grounds for prawns and fishes could be affected due to the reclamation works.
But climate change is also making conditions increasingly unsuitable on the breeding grounds, meaning in some years few young are raised at all.
In 1998, it was the late Sheikh Zayed who observed the successful breeding of the Greater Flamingo in Abu Dhabi for the first time, and recognised the potential of Al Wathba as a safe breeding ground for the species.
Health Undersecretary Rolando Enrique Domingo said that based on the initial investigation, no mosquito breeding grounds were discovered within the hospital.
Terming the camps breeding grounds for insurgency, the foreign minister said the global fraternity must do more to assist Pakistan with shouldering the burden of repatriation.
According to their research, pintails that winter in Japan and California both share the same breeding grounds in the Chukotka and Kamchatka peninsulas in Russia, and it's not unusual for breeding pairs to consist of individuals from different breeding grounds.
AFTER Vidya Balan was diagnosed with dengue, her Kismet Connection co- star Shahid Kapoor has been prosecuted by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ( BMC) after their sea- facing Praneta Apartments was checked for any existing breeding grounds for mosquito larvae.
ISLAMABAD -- Migrating birds fly faster and put more effort into staying on course in spring than in fall, racing to arrive to their breeding grounds as soon as possible to get an edge in raising the next generation, a new study has found.
Under the drive, legal actions are being taken against those who are maintaining mosquito breeding grounds in their private properties.
As the islands reopen for 2015, the National Trust website reported: "Warm spring temperatures have seen puffins returning early to their breeding grounds on the Farne Islands for the second year running.
"For the past two years the milder weather has brought puffins back to their breeding grounds earlier than expected so if the mild weather continues it could very well indicate the start of a successful breeding season."