breeding ground

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Once you identify potential breeding grounds, activate the apple-shaped trap by pulling the leaf-like lid from its base and pouring the liquid lure into the vapor chamber.
Llandovery's head of rugby, Iestyn Thomas, said the trio's selection further strengthened the school's reputation as one of the finest rugby breeding grounds in Wales.
They found that all ten sang while foraging, but two of the whales showed intense, continuous bouts of singing similar to what the researchers expected to see in breeding grounds.
A CITY asthma nurse has warned children could be in danger as homes become a breeding grounds for millions of dust mites at their peak time of year.
We are a good breeding ground and hopefully young players take that on board.
As a result, the cornea becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause serious eye infections, he says.
This can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other creatures.
His self-deprecating humor, the characters he meets, such as Rustam, his young guide, and his visit with his host family, as well as his knowledge of the history and ecology of the region, turn what could have been a travelog into an insightful look into a geographical region that has been the center of historic controversy and the breeding ground for the rise of historic figures like Jenghiz Khan and Josef Stalin.
In Bucharest, his investigation turned up abandoned buildings whose basements were full of water, a perfect Culex breeding ground.
The widening gap between rich and poor, the plight of refugees, the injustices, humiliation and desperation suffered by millions combine to create a breeding ground for bitterness and revenge.
If a shower in a nursing home goes unused for weeks or months, the warm-water residue left in the showerhead or plumbing can become a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria.
But for some, like Kevin and Nina, it was a breeding ground for business ideas.
A COUNCIL rubbish dump has been closed down after it was branded a breeding ground for deadly Legionnaires disease.
Texcoco, a seasonal lake bed 40 miles from the capital, is the annual breeding ground for 300,000 birds.