breeding ground

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Whimbrels have left their breeding grounds in the Shetland Isles, Outer Hebrides and Iceland.
Baldoyle Estuary could be included in the 2000 programme while Malahide Estuary, golf club and castle grounds have already been identified as mosquito breeding grounds.
Health officials have continuously advised residents to destroy breeding grounds of mosquitoes, urging them to get rid of bottles, cans and other containers and objects where water accumulates.
Shivamogga (Karnataka) [India], Mar 23 (ANI): Officials from the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services visited the Kanagalasara village of Shivamogga district after residents complained of the area near poultry farms becoming a breeding ground for flies.
He said sewage from Leh Nullah was not a threat rather the open dumping of solid waste can be a breeding ground of dengue larvae.
Persimmon Homes' attempt to build 500 houses next to Gosforth Nature Reserve would provide ideal breeding grounds for grey squirrels within the estate.
He notes that many European migrants, including the flycatcher, winter south of the Sahara Desert, so far from their breeding grounds that they lack information about spring weather there.
Whether it's the age of the region or the extreme weather conditions, the Northeast is a breeding ground for weirdos, and by weirdos I mean skaters.
A COUNCIL rubbish dump has been closed down after it was branded a breeding ground for deadly Legionnaires disease.
NEWTS emerging from their winter sleep and ready for a spot of mating are being frustrated in their attempts to reach their usual breeding ground - but it's all in a good cause.
`We don't want to claim credit, but we have been a source of infection, a breeding ground or launch pad for many of the non-economic improvements in the Bank in the last two decades, all very behind the scenes.'
Interestingly, just as the theater was a breeding ground for the Hollywood musical, so--in a completely different fashion--Hollywood was a breeding ground for the theater, be it the Broadway musical or even modern dance and classic ballet.
Duque on Friday said even a small amount of water, like that which fills a bottle cap, could serve as breeding ground for the dengue-carrying mosquito Aedes aegypti if left unattended.
Summary: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 23 (ANI): Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Pon Radhakrishnan has said Tamil Nadu is becoming the breeding ground for extremists' activities.