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a person who breeds animals

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A total of 171 broiler flocks, 208 broiler breeder flocks, 145 layer flocks and 49 flocks representing the layer breeders were investigated.
235 male chicks from each age of broiler breeder flocks (a total of 705) were selected at random.
It has been reported that meat spots are inherited factor and it increases as the age of breeder flock increases (Jacqueline et al.
Breeder flocks showed lower incidence of CVRDs than other types of poultry, possibly due to better biosecurity and management practices at breeder farms than at commercial layer and broiler farms (Siddique et al.
Two years ago the APA, the country's oldest livestock organization, started certifying breeder flocks as "standard bred" if they met the body's standards of perfection for any of its eight recognized breeds, including Standard Bronze and Narragansett.
The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) is a voluntary state and federal testing and certification program whose goal is to eliminate poultry disease from breeder flocks to prevent egg-transmitted and hatchery-disseminated diseases.
Disease spread is by vertically through the infected breeder flocks and horizontally through contaminated incubators, hatchers, chick boxes brooder houses equipments [2].
606 million will go to controlling zoonotic salmonella in poultry breeder flocks in 19 member states, while 21.
Almost none of the small hatcheries today own breeder flocks.
Experiments are now under way to determine whether breeder flocks are the most important source of these bacteria.
Sanitation Monitored Salmonella enteritidis negative breeder flocks.
Test profile of broiler breeder flocks housed in farms with endemic Mycoplasma synoviae infection.
DSM has launched an app to support its innovative MaxiChick productivity improvement solution for breeder flocks.