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Synonyms for breeder

a person who breeds animals

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Detection of specific antibodies to pigeon serum and bloom antigens by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in pigeon breeder's disease.
One advantage of being an integrated poultry breeder is that the distribution of its feed can be conducted not in the form of a sale/purchase transaction and, hence, it is efficient and frees the company in question from transaction/distribution cost and sales taxes.
Meanwhile, LGBA's own Breeder of the Year series starts Sept.
PremierPups's network of breeders - carefully selects each breeder, ensuring they are as passionate about their activity and show care towards their dogs.
A breeder from Shropshire has been announced as one of the winners of Holstein UK's Master Breeder Awards 2019.
"I, along with other breeders, have lost both ewes and lambs after bringing them home from Balmoral Show due to heat stress and the unfamiliar surroundings," said one breeder from County Londonderry.
If your breeder gives you a recommendation for or against a vaccine, don't be afraid to ask why.
Under existing rules, potentially around 40 or more puppies can be produced in a year without any legal obligations or inspections for the breeder.
With the target unreachable Indonesia government so it gives task to [4] to collecting the data the cause of failure it is because cow breeder did not focus yet on cow breeding and only as a side job because of farmer-breeder focused on managing the land, maintenance the plant, the time that given to the cow is very little, and considering the cow cattle need a long time to cultivate and consider that forage is seasoning readiness.
cattle herds, although failure of the bovine TB test carries significant ramifications for sheep breeders. Failure of any ram's TB test means all sheep on a breeder's farm must be TB tested, and a 5-mile movement-restriction zone established.
How can you tell if you're dealing with a good breeder? Good breeders should have no problem providing a list of satisfied customers.
Before you call any of the breeders, write the name, phone number, and any other relevant information about the breeder at the top of a sheet of paper.
The husbandry practices, selection criteria, and to some extent the attitudes that make a great Bichon breeder would be anathema to someone breeding Belgian Malinois.
The concept became so compelling that the federal government would vigorously pursue it for the next forty years, with the ultimate goal of having the nation's electricity generated largely by breeder reactors.