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a gun that is loaded at the breech

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As technology progressed, percussion double rifles transitioned into breechloaders.
The action was not only strong, but limited the release of powder gases when the gun was discharged, a perennial problem with most non-cartridge firing breechloaders.
The fellow who hunts with a modern breechloader enjoys certain advantages in the field over his chum who hunts with a muzzleloader, but the edge is not as big as some might think.
As described in the patent granted to him on July 17, 1860, the breechloader had an ingenious mechanism that involved an underlever which, when lowered and moved forward, moved the barrel assembly away from the standing breech, eventually tipping it downward to expose the chamber.
It was the first military breechloader and first percussion firearm adopted for general issue by any country.
In 1867 these rifles were converted to breechloader by way of the trapdoor-style Milbank-Amsler system, which chambered a proprietary .
When a breechloader was needed to equip the Turkish Army, the British Martini was considered a standout performer.
It has a 31-inch, heavy octagon barrel, and although a breechloader, it has an onboard ramrod.
Boxer, the Snider system for converting the Enfield into a breechloader was approved in September 1866.
George Layman's The Ballard Breechloader, reveals the rifle was produced by no less than five different manufacturers prior to 1875, and total production is thought to have been about 20,000.
THE SUCCESS of the Westley Richards capping breechloader is all the more fascinating when one realizes that its perfection came at a time when it really should have become instantly obsolete.
P Ames in Massachusetts and Philadelphian Henry Deringer of pocket-pistol fame, and rifle and carbine variants of the unique Jenks sidehammer breechloader.
This early breechloader was first introduced into Norwegian service in 1842.
A quick learner, Sharps patented his own lever-activated, sliding-block breechloader in 1848, the first models of which were produced by A.