breeches buoy

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a life buoy in the form of a ring with short breeches for support

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But the foul conditions soon stymied the crew; the shifting sands prevented them from setting a sand anchor (against which a breeches buoy line would be levered), and the usual methods of rescue clearly would not work.
For example, the invention of the breeches buoy facilitated marine rescues.
Among the collections are wooden tally boards that were fixed to the line of the breeches buoy, which was fired across ships by rocket.
Also planned is a re-enactment of an old rope rescue method called breeches buoy to pay tribute to the work of the Brigade's original members and to showcase the skill needed to carry out a rescue in the 19th century.
The building is home to a collection of figureheads, name boards and other artefacts from shipwrecks as well as displays of rescue equipment, including the breeches buoy, and a photographic archive.
The teams shot lines on to the ship and used a breeches buoy - a canvas sack attached to a lifebelt - to bring the men to safety.
They shot ropes on to the ship and used a breeches buoy - a canvas sack attached to a lifebelt - to transfer the men to the shore.
This was the first major shipwreck in the area since the Second World War and is also believed to be the last time a shore-based breeches buoy was used to save lives in the North East.
The rescue of the crew of the Lebanese steamer is believed be the last time that a shore-based breeches buoy was used in the North East to save life from a shipwreck.
Chris, 60, added: "It was getting pretty desperate until an angler cast his line across and we managed to set the breeches buoy up.
Today we feature the cargo steamer Adelfotis II, when 23 men and a puppy were rescued by breeches buoy after it ran aground at South Shields north foreshore, at the mouth of the Tyne .
Then, soaked, hungry and shivering with the cold, the eight boys were slowly and precariously hauled by breeches buoy across the raging river to safety.