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'he loves thee well that makes thee weep;' and moreover that it is the way with great lords after any hard words they give a servant to give him a pair of breeches; though I do not know what they give after blows, unless it be that knights-errant after blows give islands, or kingdoms on the mainland."
Marmaduke appeared in a suit of plain, neat black; Monsieur Le Quoi in a coat of snuff- color, covering a vest of embroidery, with breeches, and silk stockings, and buckles—that were commonly thought to be of paste.
Shakespeare and proto-feminism joyously combine in Northlight Theatre's regional premiere of "Into the Breeches!" a delightful 2018 comedy written by Morton Grove native George Brant.
Rates were increased in women who were multiparous, had flexed breeches, posterior placenta, anterior fetal back, non-engagement of the presenting part, palpable fetal head, amniotic fluid index of greater than 10 cm, a thin maternal abdomen and in the cases of involvement of experienced obstetric staff.
Q I have a pair of framed riding breeches with the autographs of jockeys Frankie Dettori, AP McCoy and Richard Johnson, along with the autographs of the presenters of racing programme The Opening Show.
Houghton Country's summer sale lasts for one week, starting on Monday at 10am and offers great savings of up to 50% on clothing, breeches, footwear and rugs.
LIFESAVERS will re-enact the drama of the first time the breeches buoy was used by volunteers in a shipwreck rescue 150 years ago.
An inquest in Ipswich heard that the policy of delivering most breeches by caesarean has meant there is a lack of professionals experienced in vaginal breech deliveries.
The cherished, "extremely rare" Geneva Breeches Bible is more than 400 years old and was kept covered with cloth to protect it from sunlight, inside a locked display case.
The rare 1589 Breeches Bible was taken after the locked glass cabinet in which it was kept at St Mary's Church, Trefriw, was levered open.
Total of 119 undiagnosed breeches admitted in labour ward were included in the study.
IT isn't in the rules that jockeys must wear white breeches, but it should be.