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a garment that provides covering for the loins

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The men appear to be clothed in some sort of kilt or breechclout, and the women appear to be wearing loose-fitting dresses.
In so-doing, many retained breechclouts at first--now made of cloth--because they fit looser and were regarded as more comfortable than trousers.
In so-doing, they re-evaluated the use of breechclouts for comfort, convenience, and modesty in tribal sports, dances, and ceremonies.
However, some Native men and boys retained full breechclouts through the 1950s.
After more than a century of intense change breechclouts of some type have endured and thrived as important male symbols of Native identity and tradition.
During ancient times most males worldwide wore a single-piece breechclout (or loincloth) of one style or another.
Ribbon bands were often the only decoration on Plains breechclouts. Ribbon might be braided into or wrapped around braids of hair.