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a garment that provides covering for the loins

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Men wore breechclouts and had feathers in their hair; women wore sleeveless short dresses, and some had black braids.
First, a variation of the full breechclout comprised of three attached parts--a front and back panel and a center piece, which sometimes was made of lighter weight cloth and cut narrower where it passed between the legs.
Missouri River Patterns: Breechclout & Leggings.
In so-doing, many retained breechclouts at first--now made of cloth--because they fit looser and were regarded as more comfortable than trousers.
In so-doing, they re-evaluated the use of breechclouts for comfort, convenience, and modesty in tribal sports, dances, and ceremonies.
However, some Native men and boys retained full breechclouts through the 1950s.
Relatedly, although Frenchmen often did wear Native American-style dress such as breechclouts and leggings on their travels into the woods, this dress style was not permanent.
This issue's GLIMPSES by Mark Thiel, archivist for Native American Collections at Marquette University, presents a look at the early days of breechclouts.
Ribbon bands were often the only decoration on Plains breechclouts.