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a garment that provides covering for the loins

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Pratt mixed warriors in breechcloths who carry lances together with GIs in olive green battle garb who brandish M-14 machine guns to illustrate several episodes in which he participated while on active duty.
He fumed, planned his revenge, and then stripped to a breechcloth and moccasins.
He is pictured here in Sioux dance regalia consisting of hair ornament with eagle plumes, armbands and cuffs, dance bustle, woolen cloth leggings, ribbon-decorated breechcloth, and moccasins with quilled stripe designs.
The hunter crouches on one knee, shirtless and dressed in breechcloth and moccasins, on a rocky outcropping that rises from a shallow pool amid a grove of artificial trees in a sky-lit atrium at the center of Foxwoods.
It helps reinforce the idea that there is nothing wrong with simple and that, if made correctly and with care, some of the finest outfits can be built from a fairly basic number of composite elements--cloth shirt or long johns, plain cloth vest, breechcloth or aprons, metal cuffs and armbands, leg bells, choker, and one of a number of different styles of hair ornament.
When a Lakota warrior depicted his adversary with a pompadour hairstyle, striped breechcloth, or loop necklace, he was attempting to convey the Crow ethnicity of his opponent.
(29) Some still wore the breechcloth under their school uniforms.
Starting with the most obvious features, this man is wearing plain dark cloth leggings, partially beaded moccasins and a wide plaid breechcloth. He is holding a beaded rifle case in his right hand and there is a large beaded pouch handing over his breechcloth in front.
Clad in a breechcloth and moccasins, with a buffalo robe draped around his shoulders, hair side out, and armed with a long-stemmed, black stone pipe and tobacco pouch, the initiate took the shield up into the Wichita Mountains or to an isolated spot and fasted with it under his head so he could learn about the shield keeper's power.
their heads, and clothe themselves again with the breechcloth and
As Randy called attention to beadwork on the regalia of the dancers and singers--from their dresses, leggings, headdresses, barrettes, collars, breechcloths, leggings, and moccasins--and noted how it emphasized their appreciation of and connection to the animals of the region and also signified their clans.
Some of the topics covered include cobblery, African American clothing and fashion, bohemian style and fashion, cotton and cotton products, Lord & Taylor, sleeves and cuffs, logging attire, Emilio Pucci, clan attire, breechcloths, Belle Epoque fashion, prehistoric clothing, silk and agriculture, badges and insignias, Godey's Lady's Book, pin-up girls, amulets, Bill Blass, protective and orthotic clothing, tunics and togas, dance costumes, spandex, and disguise and spy wear.
In perfect formation, they moved in unison, women with headdresses and black wool dresses, men in breechcloths, all of them following the flag bearer.
Luna invites audience members up on stage with him, along with a photographer for a picture with "a real, live Indian." Luna offers a variety of outfits they can wear--clothing such as breechcloths and feather headdresses that further stereotypes American Indian life.