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a garment that provides covering for the loins

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Pratt mixed warriors in breechcloths who carry lances together with GIs in olive green battle garb who brandish M-14 machine guns to illustrate several episodes in which he participated while on active duty.
He is holding a beaded rifle case in his right hand and there is a large beaded pouch handing over his breechcloth in front.
Some of the topics covered include cobblery, African American clothing and fashion, bohemian style and fashion, cotton and cotton products, Lord & Taylor, sleeves and cuffs, logging attire, Emilio Pucci, clan attire, breechcloths, Belle Epoque fashion, prehistoric clothing, silk and agriculture, badges and insignias, Godey's Lady's Book, pin-up girls, amulets, Bill Blass, protective and orthotic clothing, tunics and togas, dance costumes, spandex, and disguise and spy wear.
In perfect formation, they moved in unison, women with headdresses and black wool dresses, men in breechcloths, all of them following the flag bearer.
Luna offers a variety of outfits they can wear--clothing such as breechcloths and feather headdresses that further stereotypes American Indian life.
Over two hundred color photos of handsomely designed and crafted artifacts - shirts, leggings, sashes, breechcloths, blankets, necklaces, moccasins, parfleches, and much more - are supported by a text explaining the history and cultural legacy that formed the context for the craft objects pictured.
Milling about, visitng and playing amidst them, are people of all ages--clad, every one of them, in some variation of buckskins, beads, cotton, silk, breechcloths, coats fashioned from wool blankets, moccasins, or kilts.
The story of how the original grass or scalp dancers of the Plains, who traditionally just wore breechcloths and moccasins with braids of sweetgrass tucked in their belts, ended up strutting their stuff in contemporary powwow, wearing what Speidel called "B-52 Bomber satellite-type bustles," is an interesting trail to follow.
Initially, the garments were quite simple, incorporating moccasins, breechcloths, roaches, bustles with panels or tail pieces and an otter skin cape which was worn down one's front side, like a necktie, to which matching quilled armbands and garters were added.
But thought their best known use was on dresses they can also be found decorating fringes on gauntlets, horse gear, and bags, and are embroidered on the surfaces of vests, begs, breechcloths, dance bustle trailers, and saddle balnkets.