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a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing

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The now familiar "Trapdoor" breechblock was fitted and attached to the top of the barrel with a hinge secured by soft solder and a single screw.
Allin found the solution in a reverse-hinged breechblock design invented in 1860 by George W.
When the shotshell in the chamber fired, the recoil forced the barrel and breechblock, which were locked together back into the receiver, compressing the recoil spring.
Q: I have one of the early Trapdoor Springfield conversions dated 1863 on the hammer mounting plate and 1869 on the breechblock. It is in rifle form and chambered for .50-70.
Clearing the chamber was effected by opening the breechblock and pulling it rearward to extract the spent case.
For example, a few years ago the arsenal received an Army contract for about $14 million to replace more than 400 breechblocks for the Army's lightweight 105mm M119A2 towed howitzer.
The remaining 7 companies were besieged on a ridge above the Little Bighorn River but fought off the Indians with their Model 1873 "trapdoor" carbines, so named because of their hinged breechblocks. The cavalrymen's carbines had superior range to most of the Indians' firearms but one significant problem presented itself.
Centerfire breechblocks for Civil War Spencers have become available.
Worn breech assembly components can cause the firing pin to protrude past the face of the breechblock. If that happens, the gun can fire when you close the breech, even with the safely levers on!