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a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing

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Allin found the solution in a reverse-hinged breechblock design invented in 1860 by George W.
In addition, the Uberti's Grade A walnut stock is much more attractive, and with its deep bluing and case-hardened breechblock, the overall gun is strikingly handsome, in part due to not having gone through numerous battlefield skirmishes.
The arsenal still manufactures the upgraded breechblocks.
When the shotshell in the chamber fired, the recoil forced the barrel and breechblock, which were locked together back into the receiver, compressing the recoil spring.
Q: I have one of the early Trapdoor Springfield conversions dated 1863 on the hammer mounting plate and 1869 on the breechblock.
Breechblocks were made of bronze and, more commonly, steel, with minor differences employed to retain the heavy, long firing pin.
Centerfire breechblocks for Civil War Spencers have become available.
Worn breech assembly components can cause the firing pin to protrude past the face of the breechblock.