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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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Breech presentation is associated with uterine and congenital abnormalities and has a significant recurrence risk.
(5) There may be also fractures in the presence of certain risk factors during Cesarean delivery including various maneuvers performed during the operation (particularly during traction), extended operation duration, inadequate incision line/uterine relaxation, macrosomia, breech presentation, and shoulder dystocia.
Antepartum indicated and scheduled cesareans (category 1): These were cesarean deliveries to women with baseline indications for cesarean delivery (e.g., breech presentation) with no trial of labor, and no record of labor having occurred.
Mode of delivery of breech presentation at term has been a subject of long-term debate amongst the Obstetricians.
Results of our study showed that dysplasia of the femoral trochlea can be also congenital, with a breech presentation of the fetus as a major risk factor for its development.
A total of 58 patients with singleton term breech presentation, between 36-41 weeks gestation, who had an otherwise normal antenatal progress and were considered at low risk were included in the study through convenient sampling method.
The ultrasonography examination prior to the cesarean section revealed a live fetus with breech presentation and an expected birth weight of 3,300 gr.
Breech presentation is a longitudinal lie of the fetus with the caudal pole (buttock or lower extremity) occupying the lower part of the uterus and cephalic pole in the uterine fundus [1].
Numerous national organisations, such as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists [1], Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology [4], and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists [5] recommend that all women with a breech presentation at 35-42 weeks of gestation should be offered an ECV.
The use of moxibustion (providing heat over acupuncture points through a moxa stick) has been reported as beneficial over usual care for breech presentation at 34 weeks (Cardini & Weixin, 1998) and is listed as a possible treatment in the New Zealand Evidence Based Guidelines for women with breech presentation (New Zealand Guidelines Group, 2003).
All of the newborns with clavicle fractures had cephalic presentation and none of them was a breech presentation, although breech presentation is considered a predictor of upper limb birth trauma.18 Furthermore, many previous studies imply that obstetric clavicle fractures are unpredictable and unavoidable complications of normal births.19
And acting senior coroner for Teesside, Clare Bailey, is planning to issue a report to the trust asking what action the trust is taking around training and reaction for breech presentation. Ms Bailey wants low-risk women to get the same kind of monitoring as high risk mumsto-be "to prevent other circumstances like this arising".
She had her first ultrasound scanning at 37 weeks, which reported a viable intrauterine pregnancy with estimated gestational age compatible with 37 weeks gestation and breech presentation. Her antenatal period had been without complications till the time of referral.
And then there is the jaw-dropping exchange after the buyer asks about "the intactness" of the "specimen." [To understand what Dermish is saying, a "breech presentation" means the baby's feet or bottom comes out first rather than the normal head first-a "cephalic presentation." "Calvarium" refers to the baby's skull.)