breech delivery

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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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In regards of the safety of vaginal breech delivery, a 2015 Cochrane review reported that the 2-year follow-up of the term breech trial as well as the results of other cohort studies have demonstrated that with experience and better maternal screening, vaginal and CD can be equally safe for the neonate with the former avoiding the maternal morbidity and mortality associated with CDs.
VBD or Abdominal Breech Delivery (ABD) by elective CS; neonatal parameters like birth weight, Apgar score at 5 minutes, birth asphyxia, birth injury, live born/ still born, resuscitation (bag mask/ intubation), admission in Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU), early neonatal death; maternal complications e.g.
Kotaska, "Inappropriate use of randomised trials to evaluate complex phenomena: case study of vaginal breech delivery," BMJ, vol.
This is of serious concern, considering the possibility of legal claims where the conduct of breech delivery is raised as a possible cause of neurological damage to a child.
Had doctors reviewed Pauline's notes from her previous four pregnancies, they would have realised she had a fibroid and had endured a previous breech delivery. She would have been admitted to hospital in the days leading up to birth, where Stephen could have been delivered with emergency care.
If they had seen records of Pauline Loraine's previous four births, they would have realised she had a "fibroid" in her womb and endured a previous breech delivery.
Fifteen minutes later, a premature but healthy baby girl came out feet first, a breech delivery.
Obstetric brachial plexus palsy associated with breech delivery. Ann Plast Surg 2003;51:257-64.
Pugh's failure to seek medical help during the breech delivery in the bathroom of her former home at 263 Purchase St., Milford, led to the baby's death from injuries suffered during the birthing process.
Erb's palsy might follow a difficult forceps delivery, (the Emperor Wilhelm 1st of Germany at the time of the First World War had this deformity, which he hid under a long cloak), while Klumke's palsy might result from a difficult breech delivery with an after-coming arm.
Developmental dysplasia of the hip: This problem is more frequent in children of a breech delivery. There is a genetic cause for some forms of hip dysplasia, but he has no family history that would suggest that is the case.
lawsuits challenging their partial-birth abortion ban, they refused to say "partial-birth abortion." They preferred the term "intact dilation and extraction," better to keep anyone from understanding what they were talking about: namely, the partial breech delivery of a baby, until an abortionist can pierce its skull with a sharp instrument and vacuum out its brains.
How many of us are thoroughly, truly prepared to manage shoulder dystocia, to use forceps, or to perform a vaginal breech delivery?
To the Editor: The safety of vaginal breech delivery is still a matter of debate.
One said she had a safe and successful home birth with the same complication as Koberstein - a footling breech delivery where the baby emerges feet first.