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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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It has been proven by many studies to be safe and effective in leading to cephalic vaginal delivery and preventing vaginal breech births and CSs.
Nzedjom, "Neonatal outcome of term breech births: a 15-year review at the Yaounde General Hospital, Cameroon," Clinics in Mother and Child Health, vol.
"Our research showed that women were very interested in experiential accounts of breech births and spent a lot of time viewing online forums, but they were aware that people post horror stories on forums and they didn't know how much to trust the information.
There were 90 eligible vaginal breech births, out of a total of 7 607 vaginal births (1.2%) and 11 647 total births (0.8%) at the hospital during the study period.
For breech births, however, the failure rate of vaginal delivery was high and planned caesarean delivery was associated with significantly lower neonatal mortality.
Although it's been buffed up for viewer consumption the people and cases featured are based in reality; the drama of home deliveries, breech births, mothers' lives hanging in the balance.
And, despite having a name that sounds more like a tool used by vets assisting in equine breech births, his Hollywood stuntman-turned-bounty-hunter was the guy all the blokes wanted to be like and all the women wanted to be with.
The evidence for hypnobirthing says there's a lot less medical intervention; fewer breech births and the time you're in labour is shorter - on the whole it's just more relaxed and a pleasant experience."
"I absolutely love it." At Queen Elizabeth's maternity unit in 2008 there were 1,999 births, which can be broken down into 1,346 natural births, 199 elective caesareans, 227 emergency caesareans, 80 forceps deliveries, 134 ventouse (vacuum device) deliveries and 13 breech births.
As she grows into adulthood, Dora becomes Miss Babineau's apprentice, and together the pair help the women of Scots Bay in Nova Scotia through infertility, difficult labor, breech births, unwanted pregnancies and even unfulfilling marriages, according to the author's Web site.
According to the latest statistics from NSW Health, John Hunter Hospital is now the leading maternity unit in Australia for natural breech births.
"We do get occasional 999 calls for births, but breech births are thankfully much rarer.
The majority of home births, including vaginal breech births, have positive outcomes - healthy moms, healthy babies.
A paper published in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG) sets out the instances when vaginal breech births could be offered, instead of c-sections.
The workshop presenter noted this occurs probably once in every five hundred breech births when cephalo-pelvic disproportion has been excluded (Menticoglou, 2006).