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opening in the rear of the barrel of a gun where bullets can be loaded

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"Leather straps to the bottoms of the breeches legs and one of them hanging unbottoned--"
However, as the case was really otherwise, I forged another falsehood, and told my companion I had been at the further end of the city on business of consequence, and had snapt up a mutton-chop in haste; so that I was again hungry, and wished he would add a beef-steak to his bottle."--"Some people," cries Partridge, "ought to have good memories; or did you find just money enough in your breeches to pay for the mutton-chop?"--"Your observation is right," answered the stranger, "and I believe such blunders are inseparable from all dealing in untruth.--But to proceed--I began now to feel myself extremely happy.
With this and other talk of the same sort master and man passed the night, till Sancho, perceiving that daybreak was coming on apace, very cautiously untied Rocinante and tied up his breeches. As soon as Rocinante found himself free, though by nature he was not at all mettlesome, he seemed to feel lively and began pawing- for as to capering, begging his pardon, he knew not what it meant.
'he loves thee well that makes thee weep;' and moreover that it is the way with great lords after any hard words they give a servant to give him a pair of breeches; though I do not know what they give after blows, unless it be that knights-errant after blows give islands, or kingdoms on the mainland."
Marmaduke appeared in a suit of plain, neat black; Monsieur Le Quoi in a coat of snuff- color, covering a vest of embroidery, with breeches, and silk stockings, and buckles—that were commonly thought to be of paste.
They say this is mainly owing to breech position of the baby, and hence vaginal birth is not recommended as it could harm the baby.
I love my other presses for mass-loadings of pet loads but when you need to load 10 of this, 10 of those and 10 of these, the LEE Classic Turret makes it easy --at least until the Auto Breech Lock Pro came along!
Cases of breech presentation at term which constitute from 3-5% of all term pregnancies are still considered to be stressful situations for attending obstetricians because of their decreasing practice and experience in the mode of breech delivery.
It included patients presenting with uncomplicated singleton breech fetuses between 36 to 41 weeks of period of gestation.
I have a Post-'64 push-feed Winchester Model 70 chambered in .264 Winchester Magnum with a safety lock that will not stay in the breech bolt when under pressure from the striker spring when assembled.
Kardashian wrote about her complicated breech pregnancy with Saint shortly before his December birth in 2015 on her blog, and she feared that she would be forced to undergo a cesarean section.
Breech presentation is a longitudinal lie of the fetus with the caudal pole (buttock or lower extremity) occupying the lower part of the uterus and cephalic pole in the uterine fundus [1].
I just opened my May/June issue and read A17 advice in "Mailroom." A reader writes that you need to completely disassemble the rifle in order to clean the barrel from the breech. Not true.
KIM Kardashian is going to great lengths to turn her unborn baby after finding out he's breech.