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Synonyms for breed

Synonyms for breed

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

to be the biological father of

to bring into existence and foster the development of

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

Synonyms for breed

a special variety of domesticated animals within a species

a special type

Related Words

call forth

Related Words

copulate with a female, used especially of horses

have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)

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Claire Bonnerot, Card Manager at BRED Banque Populaire said BRED is pleased with the results of Phase I of the project.
Research by the American Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club indicates market hunters simply bred the dogs that most efficiently helped them make their livings and discarded the rest.
Since 1994, the zoo has collected Block Island beetles, quietly bred them in captivity and even more quietly released them to their former range on Massachusetts's Nantucket Island, where some residents fear the reintroduction of an endangered species will interfere with their property rights and values.
In Europe, for instance, the Simmental is a dual purpose dairy animal whereas in North America the breed has been more selectively bred as just a beef animal.
The Washington-based conservation group Defenders of Wildlife (DOW) is concerned about animals bred in captivity.
None of the chestnut varieties bred [o resist blight so far has the shoot-the-sun height of the pure American chestnut and its famed scrappiness for competing in a forest canopy.
A successful breeding soundness exam doesn't guarantee that the cows will get bred, notes Geske.
Nasdaq:CTXS), a global leader in access infrastructure solutions, today announced that together with IBM they have helped build a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that enabled Frances' BRED Banque Populaire to upgrade its information infrastructure to enhance customer services while optimizing legacy technology investments and reducing costs.
Those breeds that can be used to guard criminal activities or used in the very lucrative ``sport'' of dog fighting are bred indiscriminately and sold or given to humans who are evil, irresponsible or merely ignorant of warning indicators in the behavior of the dog.
Fifty-five hatcheries participated in the survey, 23 of which bred all of their own stock.
Promoted by vertically integrated hog operations--industrial firms that not only mass-rear hogs but also slaughter them and package the meat for supermarkets--these pigs have been bred to bulk up quickly on a high-protein diet, laying down fairly lean meat.
THOUSAND OAKS - Bred by Irish Gypsies and named for a movie star, the newborn foal was all legs on a recent summer morning.