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Synonyms for breed

Synonyms for breed

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

to be the biological father of

to bring into existence and foster the development of

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

Synonyms for breed

a special variety of domesticated animals within a species

a special type

Related Words

call forth

Related Words

copulate with a female, used especially of horses

have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)

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"I have worked hard on my sheep and their bloodlines; Whistler was bred from a home bred ewe using A.I.
Eastern Spadefoots bred most frequently (69.5%) in April and May, and tadpole metamorphosis occurred only after April and May breeding events.
They were never bred to one another--in fact they were essentially moved to opposite ends of the bay--but together they laid the foundation for the Chesapeake.
Scientists bred the Texas cougar with the Florida panther because it is a closely related subspecies.
Heritable traits such as skin and hair color and body size, and even traits useful to a geographic region, could be selectively bred. For example, the Irish Greyhound was bred with long legs to allow it to jump over the sheep fences of Ireland.
RARE BREED: White Park, bred for both meet and milk, has a nice temperament and was one of the first species of cattle to be domesticated; CONSERVATION: Highland cows make good mothers and (right and above) Lucy Badger, park assistant manager at Hatton Country World, holds a Gloucestershire Old Spot piglet Pictures by MICHELLE SPERRY
This smaller French pointing dog was bred to be agile and capable of hunting in the high mountain terrain without tiring.
Secondly, the energy and commitment of the breed society has enabled better links to be formed with Shropshire sheep breeders across the globe, resulting in increased interest in UK bred animals.
INCOMERS: The McTurks brought Cheviots from south-west Scotland in 1855 to the Cnewr Estate, Powys, and from them bred Brecknock Hill Cheviots; HERDWICKS: Some 30% of the breed was lost to foot-and-mouth in 2001; SOUTH WALES MOUNTAIN: This breed does well on mining polluted land; VIKING: AHerdwick ram.
In the past few hundred years, they have bred the species into roughly 400 varieties.
While Betsy Dresser's frozen bongo embryos may someday become wild antelope, and the National Zoo's golden lion tamarins may head for Brazil, most SSP animals will be bred solely to keep zoo populations alive and healthy.
The Langshan, a graceful and stately breed, was bred for centuries in the Yangtze Kiang River region of China about 100 miles from Shanghai.
The penguins of the two lineages would have lived and bred on isolated patches of rock in separate regions until the big thaw.