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This fact, together with possible internal deformation and brecciation in parts of the redeposited unit, suggests that duplications or gaps may occur within the section.
The amount and thickness of brecciation and mineralization appears to be increasing to the east and at depth as suggested by the thicker intercept in hole 54.
Drill hole RH-01 was located on the eastern anomaly and intersected extremely altered metasediments down to 284 metres, with quartz brecciation at the bottom of the hole.
A striking feature of this deposit is the intensity of hydrothermal alteration and brecciation associated with it and the high fluorine content of the rhyolites, 1.
Regardless of their origin, however, the breccias exposed at MacIsaacs Point are clearly of depositional origin and, hence, part of the stratigraphy, the repetition of horizons implying that the Macumber Formation limestone experienced repeated episodes of karstification and brecciation prior to the deposition of the overlying evaporitic sequence of the Windsor Group.
Other characteristics that are common to Carlin-type gold systems that were observed in the core included thinly laminated silty-limestone bedding, brecciation, dissolution cavities and carbon.
Petrographic analysis of mineralization from both the West Kaketsa and Grizzly West prospects has confirmed that both areas exhibit classic porphyry-style copper-gold mineralization including hydraulic brecciation, disseminated chalcopyrite and intense alteration within a hydrothermal environment.
The host lithology is a dolomitic unit that has undergone stylolitic quartz and manganese veining and brecciation.
E-W zone of alteration, structural shearing and brecciation, and locally highly anomalous (2-20 g/t) gold mineralization.
20 m true thickness) of multi-episodic veining, brecciation and silicification up to 150 m down dip of similar sub-outcrop material mapped on surface.
The Pena de Oro target is one of the most prospective targets on the El Barqueno concession due to the overall width and intensity of the hydrothermal alteration; the multiphase quartz-adularia-hematite veining, brecciation, and the extensive boiling-related textures.
NEV030 commenced in variably altered and veined andesite porphyry, passing into a broad zone of brecciation at 256m, and thence unaltered grey Chim Formation shales becoming bleached and variably propylitically altered at 342m and continuing to the bottom of the hole.