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a rudaceous rock consisting of sharp fragments embedded in clay or sand

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Chemical brecciation of the limestone occurred after deposition, but the initial brecciation and placement of the limestone indicates rapid deposition of the borates, which repeatedly brecciated and distributed previously formed limestone spring aprons.
Brecciation is locally common and appears to be of two types: (1) as zones to several meters thickness of finely crushed, tightly packed material clearly related to fault movement, and (2) as coarse, rubbly zones, also to several meters thickness, exhibiting significant open-space texture.
Figure 3: Section 11+00S looking northwest, over 1km south from the Cliff Creek resource area stepping further south to untested ground, with 2019 drill holes intersecting significant intervals of veining, brecciation and altered rocks.
Alteration in the sandstone in hole ARDD0002 comprised significant bleaching and clay alteration associated with several broad zones of brecciation. A narrow zone of structurally controlled veining of an aluminous hydrothermal phase (dravite or diaspore) was intersected at the base of a fault zone.
Both the Shepherds Bush and the Spotted Dog Prospects are topographically dominated by a ridge of outcropping chert and ironstone, with zones of brecciation, silicification and quartz veining along the strike of this unit.
This fact, together with possible internal deformation and brecciation in parts of the redeposited unit, suggests that duplications or gaps may occur within the section.
In addition to sandpatch cycles, various forms of syn-Blomidon salt-dissolution features are present, including collapse and growth bowls (Olsen and Et-Touhami 2008) and larger-scale brecciation and collapse structures (Olsen et al.
The shear zone shows ductile to brittle-ductile deformational pattern [15] associated with intense brecciation, mylonitization, and hydrothermal alterations accompanied by development of apatite, magnetite, base metal, rare metals, rare earth, and uranium [14, 19, 21].
I use the geological metaphor of brecciation drawing upon the work of Sigmund Freud to elaborate on how materials from the past and the present are jumbled in a nonlinear fashion to enable spatial multiplicity.
Barney - follow-up drilling of a hole that intersected intense alteration and extensive brecciation, as well as anomalous pathfinder elements (e.g.
Brecciation of ore and footwall rocks probably occurred by slumping of ore and host rocks from the active margin of the evolving grabens (Fig.
The metal-bearing solutions which filled clefts and fissures in the porphyrites, creating the ore veins, percolated also into the most narrow openings, forming impregnation zones characterized not by discrete veins but by dense "nests" of stringers and pods (Trumem), and causing some brecciation of the porphyrite.
The targets exhibit multiple episodes of silicification, brecciation, alteration and gold-silver values and ratios typical of the upper levels of gold-silver mineralised systems in the district.