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This fact, together with possible internal deformation and brecciation in parts of the redeposited unit, suggests that duplications or gaps may occur within the section.
As I will discuss in this paper, the metaphor of brecciation is also useful to capture spaces that are in the process of completion.
The targets exhibit multiple episodes of silicification, brecciation, alteration and gold-silver values and ratios typical of the upper levels of gold-silver mineralised systems in the district.
The boxwork could be related to brecciation and in at least one of the caves these features are found in close proximity to each other.
The property hosts 12 known zones of gold mineralization with multiple phases of veining and brecciation over a 12 kilometre strike length in a southwest trending gold mineralized corridor.
Brecciation likely occurred during both excavation and modification stages.
The framework exhibits the following characteristics: (1) biologic encrustation, (2) in situ brecciation, and (3) near-vertical exterior surfaces.
In many cases, a secondary permeability has been developed in the limestones and the intrusive rocks by fracturing and brecciation.
Now, what if instead of a big bang there was something more like what I've semi-seriously termed a "great brecciation," where all this energy burst out in all directions through a series of wormholes into a multiplicity of universes so-called multiverses, generating a wide variety of forces and dimensions with our own universe as but one example out of all possible macrocosms with countless permutations.
Lamination, brecciation, and other sedimentary features of the dolomite are well preserved in this massive sheet of microcrystalline quartz.
Ore-forming solutions generally ascended and deposited gold along steeply dipping zones of shearing and tectonic and/or hydrothermal brecciation as well as along pebble and breccia dikes and at the contacts between sedimentary and intrusive igneous rocks.
Crackle brecciation and fracturing is more common in the brittle chert beds which are often infilled with later pyrrhotite and/or pyrite mineralization.
It may undergo mylonitization, cataclasis, brecciation, geochemical alteration, and development of clay-rich fault gouge.
The thin section of the rock provides evidence of repeated shear episodes, tectonic brecciation and crack healing.