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Peculiar yellow-green to orange-yellow stains on brecciated quartz vein material exposed along old stopes above the phosphate collecting area are also jarosite.
Goldquarryite is a latestage supergene mineral associated with opal, carbonate-fluorapatite and hewettite, on a host rock composed principally of brecciated and hydrothermally rounded jasperoid fragments which have been lightly cemented by late-stage silicification.
The new results, 3 metres @ 6.86g/t Au from 61 metres,, 5 metres @ 6.51g/t Au from 82 metres, 7 metres @ 2.46g/t Au from 55 metres and the previously reported intercept 8 metres at 4.33g/t Au from 66 metres are hosted in a brecciated mafic rock unit, indicating a strongly mineralised primary gold system at depth.
The fractured and brecciated host rhyolite is carbonatized and silicified.
The mineralisation occurs within a package of sheared and brecciated sediments comprising siltstones and mudstones and is interpreted as occurring as a shoot-like structure dipping moderately to the south-west and plunging to south-east.
Judging by the known specimens in collections, this inclined shaft must have penetrated schist and also a brecciated zone of white quartz; breccia specimens are commonly cemented by turquoise, with crystals and crystal druses lining the open spaces.
'Our first drill program at the California prospect resulted in the discovery of a large, well mineralized gold oxide zone hosted by a strongly altered and brecciated quartz feldspar porphyry intrusion.
The ore zone is variable and brecciated and a 1.5 g/t cut-off is used.
The extensive deformation provided the architecture and plumbing for gold-bearing fluids to penetrate the rock and deposit very fine-grained gold in reactive calcareous siltstones and brecciated strata of all types.
Drilling to test for the continuation of the Andrew Zinc Deposit at depth to the east (hole AN111-135) intersected a thick zone of brecciated material with an extensive network of vein infill material containing quartz, calcite and sulphides.
The area where the gold is best crystallized is usually obvious because the quartz tends to be brecciated in that area, or is associated with carbonate-rich rock.
Following the Namurian sandstone and pelites northwards, another vein deposit has been located at Achmmach, the veins having a quartz-tourmaline brecciated texture lying in an east-west direction.