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a rudaceous rock consisting of sharp fragments embedded in clay or sand

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Massive chalcopyrite mineralization within potassic-altered megacrystic syenite hydrothermal breccia. Assays pending.
Chalcopyrite, pyrite, and sphalerite mineralization with potassic altered syenite clasts of a hydrothermal breccia at "Green Rock"; a new showing ~175m south of drill pad "C-2" along the Burgundy Ridge Trend.
Some 3km of strike has been inferred as Sudbury Breccia. The proposed survey plans to use the low temperature SQUID sensor system (subject to helium availability).
During drilling, kimberlitic breccia was encountered and the company sent 53.6 kilograms of rock to SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services in Saskatoon for analysis.
The fault core is characterized by a 2 to 3 m wide zone of cemented breccia described in great detail by Starmer [13] and Sagi et al.
Cascade, for example, is hand-brushed on Japanese paper in the Philippines, and Breccia's layered collage came about when we were working on a paper cast."
Zenyatta Ventures describes the darker material at the left of the cutaway section below as "graphite breccia," from which the prospective graphene admixture is derived.
Among their topics are adapting and displaying multiple temporalities: what became of John Caldigate and Maupassant's Boule de Suif in Dispossesion and Battaglia's Contres et nouvelles de guerre, allegorical landscapes: the psychology of seeing in Trollop's later novels, complex meanings in illustrated literature 1860-80, neo-Victorianism and the tyranny of the sexual taboo, allegories of graphiation: Alberto Breccia's counter-censorial versions of E.
Last November, Red Mountain said samples from the so-called South West Breccia (SWB) Main Lode showed as much as 29.3 grams of gold per ton of material from just a meter under the surface.
Whole-rock analyses of five samples were carried out in the X-Ray Assai Laboratories of Lancaster (Ontario, Canada): a lamproite, the matrix of a phreatomagmatic breccia, and three marl-limestone rhythmites located at different distances from the breccia contact.
For the exterior, local stone was used, in conformity with the historical and architectural standards for the city; while for the interior, the company's technical office selected Breccia Aurora, a special beige-pink marble, made up of fragments of "oniciata" rock with exposed veining.
Specifically, Energy Fuels will concentrate on mining its lower cost, high-grade breccia pipes in northern Arizona and on processing alternate feed materials at the White Mesa Mill which have no associated mining cost.