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a rudaceous rock consisting of sharp fragments embedded in clay or sand

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The dimensions of the breccia pipe are similar to that at the ~1Moz Mount Wright Gold Mine located 10km north of the 4.
These breccia pipes, which measure less than 300 feet across, can extend vertically for several thousand feet.
This system can identify sulfides associated with uranium in breccia pipes at a depth of more than a thousand feet.
13-11 and 13-08 confirm continuity of high-grade gold in the extensive, lower, flat-tabular, collapse breccia body; which is analogous host material for many large Carlin-style deposits.
Exploration completed by Artha suggests the Noeilia Breccia target is an extension of the same structure that hosts Silver Standard's main Pirquitas deposit and the Cortaderas Breccia Project.
The holes have penetrated the northwest and northeast walls of the Neola breccia pipe in four places.
We have demonstrated that with only a few holes we can identify with great precision rock alteration and the accurate boundaries between unbroken rock and collapse breccia.
These Properties were acquired as a result of the Company's geological teams' identification of several breccia pipes on the Properties.
This breccia extends like a blanket over a large area providing the potential for an ore body that is many millions of tons in size.
This drill is designed so that a true vertical hole can be drilled through the cobbles and boulders of the three targeted uranium bearing collapse breccia pipes without significant deviation.
The funds will be used by the joint venture to execute an exploration program on three breccia pipes for uranium and other metal mineralization, as indicated by surface geology, geochemistry and geophysics.