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episodes for the new ones to last another year and a half, so it has given me some breathing time to actually make some new shows for them, which they were keen for me to present.
'So this breathing time is for us to do those things, so when we request for next year, that is why it is called cash-based, so it can be implementation-ready.'
"Once it goes to the NEP, you immediately go to procurement so this breathing time is for us to do those things, so when we request for next year," she ended.
It does not push the Gorkhaland issue to the backburner, but only allows breathing time to the government to reshape its strategy towards the demand which remains as live as ever.
He said farmers should also give 'breathing time' to land during cultivation of crops rather than consecutive ploughing in fields for cultivation.
There will not, and cannot be, any change in the malevolent attitude of the Pakistan Army towards India, and these talks of cease-fire are mischievous, merely smokescreens to give the new chief a breathing time to take control.
I felt the child had returned safe and thank goodness nothing had happened, so I believe it gave me a bit of breathing time.
Being able to access your own pot of money in an emergency buys you the breathing time to replace anything that is broken in a calm, thoughtful and considered way.
"We've had a very intense couple of years so we're just going to have a little bit of breathing time and spend that with our families.
Gundapur will be a unique water regulating and distributing structure for IRSA, costing about $3 billion and it would give breathing time to four dams Bhasha and Katzarah on the Indus, Guroh Dop on Panjkora River and Mirkhani on Chitral River with total 8.5 MAF capacity.
S L Narayanan, CFO of the airline's parent company Sun Group, told PTI, "We need some breathing time...if we get a reprieve from the banks and Mr (Kalanithi) Maran is ready to give guarantee we can restart the engine.
The bench, also comprising justices Madan B Lokur and Kurian Joseph, granted six months breathing time to mining companies to wind up their operations in the coal blocks.
[The lifting of the truck ban] should give us breathing time to really put the infrastructure, including policies, to improve the management of traffic," the Neda chief said.
they passed in one unbroken and grey column, no halt, no breathing time, no open spaces in their ranks."
Central bank governor Delawari said western countries were not ready to give Afghanistan more breathing time. He spoke to the press after western ambassadors in Kabul held an emergency meeting with the country's security adviser.