breathing room

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sufficient room for easy breathing or movement

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It was nip and tuck then until a second goal from Ahmadi on 66 minutes gave Mossley some breathing room and the home side ran out comfortable winners in the end.
Mr Philpott said: "Access to new finance is still tight, so businesses low on cash have limited options to give themselves some breathing room.
Completing Puerto Rico's largest-ever bond sale affords the government some breathing room after the prices of its outstanding bonds tumbled last year, sending yields sharply higher amid investor fears that the island faced a cash squeeze.
But the breathing room means defense contractors need to reassess their path, experts say.
Now, during an interview with the same publication at Australian Academy's CTA Awards, Russell said that the 23-year-old star should be given a bit of a breathing room because the franchise is basically "printing money".
Fairfax had offered to buy the rest of BlackBerry and take it private but backed off at the last minute, opting instead for new management and cash to give it breathing room to restructure.
Slovenian business organisations have issued a wishlist to the government in which they ask for more "breathing room" through the lowering of taxes and measures to boost development and competitiveness.
If people wanted to live in a concrete jungle with few green spaces to provide breathing room they would move to London.
However, the CBR could get some additional breathing room before cutting base rates (REPO), while tweaks to other rates on non-standard refinancing facilities are perhaps more likely in the coming months.
the usually needed perfect, which allows some breathing room."
The later date for the 2014 Oscars will allow for a little more breathing room in the nomination voting.
The Yankees got a solo shot from Curtis Granderson in the seventh inning for some breathing room, and New York was able to post two runs off starter Jason Hammel.
I just wish cinema bosses would stop pandering to the lower common denominator and give good movies some breathing room.
Salvio said: "The goal gives us some breathing room in Germany."
In October, it unveiled plans to invest C$46.6 million in WesternZagros Resources, giving the Canadian-based oil explorer much-needed financial breathing room as drilling draws near for its next big well in Kurdistan in northern Iraq.