breathing machine

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a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure

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"We slept in the car because it was cleaner but I wasn't able to sleep without my breathing machine, which was still in the house.
"The infant was placed on a special breathing machine which enables a very gentle and fast airflow in order to protect her lungs.
" Describing the thrill, Keith said: "The steam locomotive is an awe-inspiring, living, breathing machine without which the transport of both passengersand freight through the 19th and first half of the 20th century would have been severely impaired.
increase the amount of oxygen entering the lungs, or a non-invasive ventilation (NIV) breathing machine may be provided.
The research included 66 seniors who spent at least 24 hours on a breathing machine in an intensive care unit (ICU).
The 98-year-old former commander of the Turkish army, who had been receiving treatment at the GE-lhane Military Academy of Medicine (GATA), had been recently attached to a breathing machine, news reports said on Saturday.
Beginning last month, a flood of sick children began to hit hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chicago -- kids with trouble breathing, some needing oxygen or more extreme care such as a breathing machine. Many -- but not all -- had asthma before the infection.
A form of spinal muscular atrophy, the condition has left her paralysed from the neck down and needing to be on a breathing machine 24 hours a day, but Abbi says her brain is unaffected.
This was especially difficult for Ronald, who uses an electric breathing machine because of a disability.
Emily was put into an incubator and on to a breathing machine - continuous positive airway pressure machine known as a CPAP - and checked for septicaemia, meningitis and an array of other condition and infections.
The volunteers had moderate-to-severe sleep apnea but couldn't tolerate standard treatment with a breathing machine that requires wearing a mask.
She was also permanently hooked up to an oxygen cylinder, had to be wheeled around in a chair and slept attached to a ruddy great breathing machine. But none of it diminished her.
In the United States, an elderly person critically ill with pneumonia would typically be hospitalized in an intensive care unit and put on a mechanical ventilator, or breathing machine, said Dr.
Doctors hooked up Maria to a breathing machine the day she came out and a tube is used to feed her.
Perry was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea during the campaign and was treated with a breathing machine for a few weeks," a Perry aide told CNN.