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But it was now ten minutes since three scoundrels had been breathing behind the curtains, and Peter Pan can do a great deal in ten minutes.
Jasper, becoming a breathing man again without the smallest stage of transition between the two extreme states, lifts his shoulders, laughs, and waves his right arm.
The maids were still breathing, but more restlessly, and I fancied that the narcotic was wearing off.
Whilst asleep she looked stronger, although more haggard, and her breathing was softer.
Lucy was breathing somewhat stertorously, and her face was at its worst, for the open mouth showed the pale gums.
It was certainly odd that whenever she got into that lethargic state, with the stertorous breathing, she put the flowers from her, but that when she waked she clutched them close, There was no possibility of making amy mistake about this, for in the long hours that followed, she had many spells of sleeping and waking and repeated both actions many times.
Her breathing grew stertorous, the mouth opened, and the pale gums, drawn back, made the teeth look longer and sharper than ever.
And then Lucy's breathing became stertorous again, and all at once it ceased.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 13, 2019-: Breathing Circuit Market To Witness A Higher CAGR Driven By Rising Incidences Of Chronic Illness Due To Smoking Habits And Air Pollution Till 2023 | Million Insights
If you practice diaphragmatic breathing, you will develop an ability to choose this relaxation response when you start to feel that stress response.
BREATHING is a reflex - an automatic, vital action that keeps us alive.
Most of us breathe at a rate of 12-18 times a minute, but a US clinical study published in the journal PAIN found that slowing down breathing by half can reduce feelings of discomfort.
But we often assume that breathing is the easiest thing in the world.
Research into how breathing affects the brain has become an ever-more popular field in recent years and new methodologies have enabled more studies, many of which have concentrated on the memory.