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test someone's alcohol level in his blood by means of a breathalyzer


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The experimental group (DD group) comprised those drivers who accepted to take part in the intervention and to be breathalyzed after completing a questionnaire at the exit of the club.
The control group (non-DD group) comprised 139 drivers, the experimental group (DD group) comprised 124 drivers, and 105 recruited drivers at the beginning of the evening did not come back to be breathalyzed and to complete the questionnaire on leaving the club.
The fine for refusing to be breathalyzed will be raised to 300,000 yen from the current 50,000 yen.
Annoyed, he took me to his station, where a clearly drunk doctor breathalyzed me, and said I was the intoxicated one.
She told police who breathalyzed her: "I've been stupid.
TESTING TIME: Campbell will be breathalyzed three times a day at Elgin Police Station
Martin, who runs a wall cavity insulation company in Swindon, Wilts, was stopped and breathalyzed and found to be almost twice the legal drink-drive limit.