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Synonyms for breathalyse

test someone's alcohol level in his blood by means of a breathalyzer


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A council spokeswoman said the breathalysing system at Voodoo was a great idea.
Andrew Misell, director of Alcohol Concern Cymru, said: "The question we would ask is what else is being done other than breathalysing the person to ensure they are sober?
Northumbria police officers are increasing roadside checks and breathalysing any driver suspected of drink driving.
He added: "We won't be breathalysing in the short-term because we have extensive powers at this particular moment in time to deal with drink-driving.
Derbyshire had the highest breathalysing rate in Britain - 3,384 per 100,000 - while Hertfordshire had the lowest with 387 breath tests per 100,000.
Superintendent Martin Campbell, of Cleveland Police, said: "We have a very robust policy in breathalysing drivers and that policy is intelligence led and targets those people involved in collisions and drivers who flout motoring laws.
Last night, Isobel Brydie, chairwoman of the Scottish Campaign against Irresponsible Driving, said: "It is now time for the company to look at breathalysing all of their drivers before they are allowed to drive.
The usual excuse for breathalysing motorists, subsequently not charged with an offence is their vehicle was allegedly wandering.