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a device that measures chemicals (especially the alcohol content) in a person's expired breath


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The post Drunk man left injured wife to avoid breathalyser appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Officers said the Esso petrol station on Cathedral Road and the Lifestyle Express store on Cowbridge Road East are now using the breathalysers as part of Operation Ash.
Officers said the Esso petrol station in Cathedral Road and the Lifestyle store in Cowbridge Road East were now using the breathalysers as part of Operation Purple Ash.
Hunter Abbott, adviser to the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and Managing Director of breathalyser firm AlcoSense Laboratories, says: "It seems remarkable now that the new law was greeted with outrage in some quarters.
AA president Edmund King said: "The breathalyser sits alongside compulsory seat belts and the introduction of EURONCAP crash testing as the three biggest road safety life-saving measures introduced in the last half century.
Periodically, it then cuts off, forcing the user to blow into the breathalyser again to prove they are still sober.
Management at the bar have also implemented a breathalyser system which allows door staff to turn away any potential customer who is suspected of being too intoxicated to enter.
West Yorkshire Police released this picture of a two-car crash in Grange Moor, where a driver failed a roadside breathalyser test
The burger bar in Cambridge is the first in the country to be given the breathalyser kits as part of a police blitz.
Joanne Ferry tries the breathalyser at the John Duck Pub on Claypath, Durham City
Stores including Boots, Halfords and even Poundshop began stocking breathalyser kits, which range in price from PS1 to PS59.
CHRISTMAS revellers are being warned not to rely on DIY breathalysers to find out if they are over the drink-drive limit.
A Canadian high school is going to ask students to pass a breathalyser test in order to get qualified for attending the prom on May 30.
The tests included the pre-flight breath analysis of pilots and cabin crew, with the breathalyser equipment being non-functional, they said.
Whilst the officer was trying to make the breathalyser ready for action, I enquired as to the consequences of failing the test; the reply was: "You will be arrested, but since you say you haven't had much alcohol on the Saturday night, you are sure to pass the test; another driver said he had imbibed three pints, and he passed easily".