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Synonyms for breathalyse

test someone's alcohol level in his blood by means of a breathalyzer


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Mr Freeman likened previous attempts to test inmates for alcohol to "a scene out of Benny Hill", adding: "Staff have been running around trying to breathalyse prisoners, it's been reminiscent of the end scenes of The Benny Hill Show - the only thing missing was the music.
Police are out to breathalyse suspected drink drivers with roadside stop checks around Coventry.
Officers cannot breathalyse people randomly, only if they think there is cause.
He breathalyses her but the 30-year-old, who admitted having aglass andahalf ofwine the night before is in the clear.
He explained: "We breathalyse a random selection of the young people and those who we felt had drink taken as they queued to get in.
Beat officers will breathalyse them and their soft drinks will also be tested to check if they have been spiked.
Our message is clear: drinking and driving is not tolerated and increasing efforts are being made to stop, breathalyse and convict the guilty.
In Britain, police can only breathalyse drivers if they believe they've been drinking alcohol.
A police spokeswoman said: 'There will be a zero- tolerance approach throughout the principality, both pre and post-Christmas, extending into the New Year and police will carry out road checks during morning periods and will breathalyse drivers who may be over the limit from the night before.
Although the Christmas and New Year period is coming to an end, we would remind people that it is the policy of Warwickshire Police to breathalyse all drivers involved in road traffic collisions throughout the year, not just over the festive period.
We breathalyse during the season as well if we feel there is a chance a certain player might have stepped out of line.
New figures show traffic officers in certain areas are more likely to breathalyse motorists than in other parts.
We also breathalyse all drivers involved in road traffic collisions.
GARDAI will not breathalyse suspected drink-drivers until new laws are passed, it emerged yesterday.