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The latest generation mechanical diaper closure system addresses demands for softness, breathability and strong hold performance, thanks to a specialized multilayer construction.
Nadal's seamless, single knit Vamos Lawn Crew incorporates engineered mesh on the sleeves and back for comfort and breathability.
It has a custom-molded foot-bed of antimicrobial Ortholite, which offers breathability and quick drying.
The Henri Lloyd 2008 collection uses advanced fabric technology which allows up to a 25 per cent weight reduction with improved breathability and durability, while streamlined ergonomics give exceptional comfort and real freedom of movement.
The Gripper 440 range is also manufactured using WAT-OUT, an alternative to leather, providing greater breathability, as well as being water proof and scratch resistant, outlasting traditional leather shoes.
Kleenguard A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Lab Coats are made from a microporous film laminate fabric that offers superior particle holdout while allowing excellent breathability.
They offer light weight, high strength, enhanced durability and breathability (in fabrics), and improved air and liquid filtration performance in household, industrial, and personalhygiene applications.
This is a patented device that provides the ability to test clothing breathability and is now used within the government and throughout the protective clothing and sporting goods industries to quantify clothing performance.
This new line of jackets from REI offers more breathability but still provides the wearer protection from wind, rain and snow.
Those who work in humid temperatures, do extensive physical labor of are exposed to high levels of radiant heat have previously not accepted FR fabrics because more protection means heavier clothing--and often poor breathability and lack of comfort.
DEFEND protective coating is a cleanable, durable, water- and oil-repellent finish, which is cured onto the fiber yet retains the original textured, fabric-like surface characteristics and breathability of the fabric.
The off-the-face, lightweight, collapse-resistant design improves breathability as well as comfort.
Its versatility, breathability, and absorbency have enabled it to become the answer for many design projects in the medical, dental, and personal care markets.
Nineteen of the best-selling fleeces from both High Street stores and specialist shops were tested for warmth and breathability and any signs of premature wear and fading.