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fortification consisting of a low wall

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Natty stood all this time in a menacing attitude, with his rifle pointed over the breastwork, watching with a quick and cautions eye the least movement of the assail ants.
First one and then the other would partially raise himself above his breastwork of horseflesh, fire his weapon and immediately drop flat behind his shelter, where he would reload and repeat the act a moment later.
The autocratic landlady withdrew into the house with Riah and Miss Jenny, and disposed those forces, one on either side of her, within the half-door of the bar, as behind a breastwork.
The Comte and Comtesse de Vandieres owed their lives to their carriage, behind which Philippe forced them, using it as a breastwork.
On the level of the ground little archways sometimes pass through this breastwork, by which means the defenders can crawl out to the stockade and reconnoitre their enemies.
There was the story of Doffue Martling, a large blue-bearded Dutchman, who had nearly taken a British frigate with an old iron nine-pounder from a mud breastwork, only that his gun burst at the sixth discharge.
Elizabethtown & were stationed below the town, & employed in throwing up breastworks between the old point & the new point, opposite Staten Island, lodging in tents.
The 11th Mississippi amassed a fearsome record of battlefield achievement and represented one of the few Confederate units that made it all the way onto the Union breastworks at Gettysburg.
There he established a sound defensive position with breastworks along a local post and rail fence and his right flank anchored along the Trout River.
When Van Graan's party reached the top of the hill, they discovered breastworks of stone and great boulders balanced on smaller stones, ready to be pushed down upon intruders.
2 to the breastworks, regulation and changes to the new railway track sets ii and v track, control and replacing the dilapidated railway track sets new on switches 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Forced into their breastworks during the night, the entrenched Federals became much more difficult.
The main phase of occupation at Roischemiangel is dated to AD 1100-1400 when the site reached its peak with the construction of stone walls, breastworks, gateway platforms and walled passes (Beardsley 1996: 16).
Retreating they had formed in a hollow square with their baggage for breastworks, Nine hundred lives out of the surrounding enemy's nine times their number was the price they took in advance, Their colonel was wounded and their ammunition gone, They treated for an honorable capitulation, received writing and seal, gave up their arms, and marched back prisoners of war.
At Johnston's Jolly, the trench lines are just that distance apart - the long line of the Turkish breastworks still visible, so too the zigzag lines of the ANZAC trenches.