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fortification consisting of a low wall

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At most, there were about 100 Sharpshooters left to defend their breastwork.
Throughout the day, they gradually advanced their standards to within a few yards of the breastwork, but there was little sense of alarm in the camp below.
We were assigned along with parties of convicts to dig canals and break stones for breastworks and barricades, and if ever I heard a reference to building pyramids, I spat three times.
From the reconstructed breastworks, one can see the fields of fire available to the British and their colonial allies and the advantages offered by the depth of their defenses for internal lines of maneuver and sustainment.
Focusing, therefore, on generalships, command decisions, strategy, and tactics, while not ignoring the role social and political forces played in conditioning the views and attitudes (and thereby morale) of ordinary soldiers, he argues that the tactical deadlock of the first years of the war did not result solely from the inherent superiority of the power of the defensive, the rifled musket, and breastworks, as has been argued elsewhere, but also combined rampant command inexperience and failure to recognize offensive opportunities.
As the Confederates drove the Federals back, First Lieutenant McCammon took command of Company F in a desperate defense of the breastworks.
An effective security system protects a company's computer operations with a series of defenses, like the walls and breastworks around a fort.
Includes reproductions of log breastworks used in battle, monuments, visitor center with exhibits and artifacts, and interpretive trail marking the military road and battlefield.
There was a mud room, flagstone underfoot, firewood stacked up like breastworks on both sides, and then the main room, with its bare oak floors and plaster walls.
The Five Fingers jump in Idaho has five drive lanes marked by 680-m high rock cairns, as well as several stone fences and breastworks (Agenbroad, 1978).
The term earthwork includes field fortifications, breastworks, entrenchments, field works, and individual protective holes.
When the makeshift hospital's fuel ran out before midnight and it appeared likely that the patients might actually freeze to death, Bickerdyke ordered soldiers to tear down breastworks and use the logs to feed the fires.
I tell you,' he said, `We've got to git away from here now, for the men are falling back to the breastworks, & they're going to fight right away.
At dawn on the 21st, the Union soldiers advanced and drove the Confederates back to their breastworks.