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Synonyms for breastwork

fortification consisting of a low wall

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Natty stood all this time in a menacing attitude, with his rifle pointed over the breastwork, watching with a quick and cautions eye the least movement of the assail ants.
Up the valleys, down the valleys go they, saying, "Here is a place to build a breastwork; here can ye pitch a fort.
She sat herself upon a revolving stool before a counter that was comparatively deserted, trying to gather strength and courage to charge through an eager multitude that was besieging breastworks of shirting and figured lawn.
At the same moment the battle line of Helium surged over the opposite breastworks of the Zodangans and in another moment they were being crushed as between two millstones.
As it would be necessary to remain some time in this neighborhood, that both men and horses might repose, and recruit their strength; and as it was a region full of danger, Captain Bonneville proceeded to fortify his camp with breastworks of logs and pickets.
and you can take my word for it, if the battalion hasn't too much of a start we catch up and go over the breastworks with the front line.
They tore down the breastworks from the walls, and overthrew the battlements; they upheaved the buttresses, which the Achaeans had set in front of the wall in order to support it; when they had pulled these down they made sure of breaking through the wall, but the Danaans still showed no sign of giving ground; they still fenced the battlements with their shields of ox-hide, and hurled their missiles down upon the foe as soon as any came below the wall.
Increasing damage to the three-year-old Jarrah sheathing along Wellington's Waterloo Quay breastwork further swayed the preference for native timber in New Zealand, noted the New Zealand report.
He is somewhat describing what happened at the siege of Petersburg, where the Union troops built a tunnel under the Confederate breastwork and filled it with explosives.
However, the origin of the settlement lay in more opportunistic considerations: 'Its avowed purpose was to act as a breastwork against further Xhosa attack in the event of renewed conflict between the colony and the ama-Xhosa' (p.
In this (p)re-writing of the primal scene the child displaces the father and insists on the letter as breastwork, as the locus of (her) reading's desire.
We would have been killed had it not been for the buffalo robes, but we had them rolled up all around us, and it made a good breastwork.
He thereupon retreated to a creek three miles to the east of the present village of Wardsville, and took up a strong position on the west side of a deep ravine, which he protected by a breastwork of logs on three sides.
As the hypothetical attorney for the plaintiff, Buckley concluded "that a gift to Yale University is not in the best interests of 'erecting a strong breastwork against any onslaught from hostile forces which would change our way of life ...