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a swimming stroke

swim with the face down and extend the arms forward and outward while kicking with the leg

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Top breaststrokers Gibson (Loughborough University) and Cook qualified third and fourth fastest last night in their quickest swims of the year.
Cook's coach Ian Oliver says: "Since 2000/2001, he's always been part of a strong group of British breaststrokers with James Gibson and Darren Mew, but unfortunately only two swimmers from each country can compete in the major championships and he's often missed out, even though he's regularly in the top 10 in the world.
She has since smashed all Irish records in her discipline and is ranked in the world's top 15 breaststrokers.
Steven will now attempt to claim one of two spots for breaststrokers on the German Olympic team.
Twenty-four Welsh swimmers have qualified for the trials and among those hoping to share the limelight with Davies are breaststrokers Georgia Holderness and Lowri Tynan, Cardiff duo Gemma Howells and Mackenzie Howe, Owen Morgan, Julia Martin and Bethan Coole.
After the top three female 100-yard breaststrokers in Southern California all finished under the Masters record last year, they duplicated the feat again in the rematch, only this time it was Hart of Newhall's Danny who delivered the thrilling victory.
The freestylers, backstrokers, and butterfly swimmers usually walk pigeon toed while the breaststrokers walk with the feet pronated (waddle like a duck).
CITY of Coventry's trio of breaststrokers experienced mixed fortunes on day three of the British championships in Manchester yesterday.
British swimming has long produced great world-class breaststrokers, such as Duncan Goodhew, David Wilkie, Adrian Moorhouse and Nick Gillingham, but these merry days we possess not one but three of the highest quality ( which is good for us, but not for them.
Cook, 24, one of five British breaststrokers in the world top 10, said: "The time was great - my fastest ever heat swim and in my first race of the season.
On the one hand there are the mustn't-get-my-hair-wet breaststrokers, who can even sustain long conversations while gliding majestically up and down the pool, two abreast.
As the cream of British swimming gathered in Manchester for the joint British Championships and Commonwealth Games trials starting in Manchester today, Ayers, once ranked among the world's top 10 breaststrokers, was at home in Swansea contemplating a future outside swimming.
The key element to breaststroke training is to understand and appreciate that breaststrokers are not like other swimmers and that their training is unique," Salo told Swimming World Magazine.