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The breastplate of the ministry of internal affairs is "specialized mus" designed for employees serving in the posts of privates and junior commanders of internal affairs agencies, conscripts, as well as soldiers, sergeants and ensigns under contract in the internal troops of the ministry of internal affairs del.
My right hand rummaged through the mishmash of socks, undershirts, and briefs until I finally felt the breastplate, which I carefully pulled out, holding it flat, and placed in a brown paper bag.
Whenever I've seen a soldier's 400-year-old breastplate in a museum or antique shop, there's always a musket ball dent in it.
the breastplate left a sweaty place she scrubbed away.
She said: "If I hadn't got my whip caught in the breastplate towards the end, I could have got in the places.
She said: "If I hadn't got it caught in the breastplate towards the end, I could have got in the places.
Sa mga panahong iyon ng matinding tensyon, napatunayan nga ninyo ang mga katagang mga sinabi ng aking ina sa kauna-unahan ninyong anibersaryo: 'The Armed Forces as a whole are the shield and sword of the Republic, but the Presidential Security Group has been the breastplate protecting the Heart of the Republic,' he said.
CHARMS AND AMULETS, silver, gold and carnelian, Amulet Breastplate (Turnar), Teke Tribe, first half of 20th century (gift of Stephen Van C.
For the scenes in which George Clooney's character, Baird Whitlock, is kidnapped by a cabal of Communist screenwriters, he's wearing a leather breastplate and Roman skirt, with the running joke that he keeps stabbing himself with his sword when he sits down.
Later we read: And you shall put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim; and they shall be upon Aaron's heart (Ex.
Anthropomorphic Censer THE figure, from Mayapan, Yucatan, is wearing elaborate attire including large ear ornaments, a helmet and a breastplate with five points.
A breastplate can take 20 hours and set you back around PS400.
left) Sioux chief, Skin Cote, wearing an eagle feather trailer warbonnet, cotton shirt, cloth vest, otter fur breastplate with metal-framed mirrors, and holding a pipe, woolen blanket, and beaded pipe bag.
Q When I cleared out the loft recently I found two Action Man items that belonged to my children - an armour breastplate and a French greatcoat.
A A Christmas Carol B Nicholas Nickleby C Great Expectations D Hard Times A A silver breastplate B A sword-belt and scabbard C A shoulder cloak D A peaked cap with a plume QUESTION 6 - for 6 points: Which country were runners-up in the 2010 football World Cup?