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This man is also dressed in typical 1870s fashion, with shirt, vest, breastplate and neckerchief.
HS2 said archaeologists identified the remains of the explorer, who died in 1814, thanks to the lead breastplate on his coffin.
Relief-decorated shoulder boards made of bronze, part of a breastplate belonging to a prominent Greek warrior, could be stolen property: 6.
'For now we can only wear the breastplate of righteousness and the full armor of God,' Guevarra said.
Another large picture, a brilliant scarab-shaped breastplate, is a showstopper.
RUSSELL Crowe sold his Gladiator movie breastplate for [euro]77,000 yesterday at an auction to clear out his belongings and move on from his divorce.
Believe it or not, though, that drawer was, for many years, where my family kept my grandfather's impressive breastplate of First World War medals, now considered some of the most valuable on the planet.
Whenever I've seen a soldier's 400-year-old breastplate in a museum or antique shop, there's always a musket ball dent in it.
the breastplate left a sweaty place she scrubbed away.
She said: "If I hadn't got it caught in the breastplate towards the end, I could have got in the places.
She said: "If I hadn't got my whip caught in the breastplate towards the end, I could have got in the places.
CHARMS AND AMULETS, silver, gold and carnelian, Amulet Breastplate (Turnar), Teke Tribe, first half of 20th century (gift of Stephen Van C.
These augers had what was called a 'breastplate.' Breastplates were usually made of wood with padding.
For the scenes in which George Clooney's character, Baird Whitlock, is kidnapped by a cabal of Communist screenwriters, he's wearing a leather breastplate and Roman skirt, with the running joke that he keeps stabbing himself with his sword when he sits down.