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without a breast


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It is richly ironic, then, that the greatest blow to Gordon's autonomous art arrives in the form of a flat-chested woman who evokes his breastless ideal only to drag it, unceremoniously, back to the body and back to earth.
A private scene in which Onwurah's brother playfully washes his mother's hair indicates Madge's ability to reveal her breastless state to her children and evade the critical gaze of society.
Madge notices the man's evident attraction to her daughter and acknowledges both Ngozi's desirability (as an attractive young "black" woman) and her own negated desirability (as an aging, breastless woman) in her narration of the scene: "I saw the look in his eyes and remembered it from somewhere in the past.
Her descriptions of her mother all indicate a lack--Madge is breastless, sexless, and shapeless.
Dil dons beautiful lingerie, which is erotically unveiled as Jordan's camera pans down what we now see is a breastless body to the black penis--the woman is a man.
We rediscover the Amazons fighting bravely on an eternal battlefield of endless horizons and limitless frontiers; we see ourselves flexing bows against our breastless chests, each arrow victoriously striking its mark.
As the fashion industry has favoured the breastless stick-thin model, so real women's interests have been dwarfed by the slimmer hips of teenagers and the resulting huge market for pre-pubescent fashion.
Both of these women are comfortable with their breastless chests but know that others are likely to be startled or even shocked at the sight of the scar and at the sheer absence of breasts.
By showing themselves as breastless women, they are also making it clear that wholeness comes in many forms.
The world of the Turmgesellschaft is itself occupied by a powerful Amazonian clan, but this is a tribe whose members differ radically from the breastless female warriors of myth.
Tara, who replaced Victoria Beckham in the Walkers advertising campaign last month, said: "If it wasn't for the extra protection my padded bra gave me I could have ended up breastless.
A willowy, breastless blonde stood before them, hair teased out to the size of a football helmet, a black and gold low-cut evening dress, silver and gold bangles on his arms.
As a quick look at most fashions today will testify, they appear solely geared towards the breastless, curveless nubile girl that seems to exist in the fantasyland of the designer's mind only.