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Synonyms for assistance

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Synonyms for assistance

the act or an instance of helping

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Synonyms for assistance

the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

a resource


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The Center for Disease Control calculates scores for each facility based on maternity care practice areas, including labor and delivery care; postpartum feeding of breastfed infants; breastfeeding assistance; postpartum contact between mother and infant; facility discharge care; staff training; and structural and organizational aspects of care delivery.
MUMS using Huddersfield maternity services are pleased with breastfeeding assistance - but expressed concerns surrounding the test for Down's Syndrome.
More specifically, the highest average total for the seven categories was for "breastfeeding assistance" (80 out of 100), even though 65% of the birthing facilities recommended to mothers that they limit how long their infant nurses at each breast and 45% reported that they gave a pacifiers to healthy, full-term infants that didn't otherwise need them (a practice that does not support breastfeeding).
In the survey, facilities were scored on practices such as breastfeeding assistance, mother and newborn contact, newborn feeding practices and breastfeeding support after discharge, with a possible high score of 100.
Questions regarding maternity practices were grouped into seven categories that served as subscales in the analyses: 1) labor and delivery, 2) breastfeeding assistance, 3) mother-newborn contact, 4) newborn feeding practices, 5) breastfeeding support after discharge, 6) nurse/birth attendant breastfeeding training and education, and 7) structural and organizational factors related to breastfeeding.